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"The climate psychosis is to distract the citizens from the chaos politicians created"

4th May 2019


Sweden has suffered a new mass psychosis. The first was the refugee psychosis that started in 2015 with a mass migration, where over 75% of those who came to Sweden were men, many of whom lied about their age. 2019 we see the climate psychosis rolled up in front of our eyes.

The main role is held by a child who is exploited by an unscrupulous and cynical adult world. Someone, or something, has to distract people from the abusive social circus, the mess and the chaos caused by the politicians, and therefore one has devised an effective strategy that no one can object to. The climate psychosis led by a child is perfect. This sharp weapon causes the power elite to appear as both powerful, good, strong and at the same time immune to all accusations. It writes Bianca Muratagic.

The refugee psychosis was, of course, a huge scam. Eventually, it turned out that the majority of men who swam across Sweden were neither children nor unaccompanied refugees, but economic and illegal adult individuals and migrants who deceived the state but who eventually still had to stay in Sweden despite the fact that we know nothing about their identity, background , motif and real age. During the same period, unfortunately, rape, taharrush gamea, bacha bazi, child marriage, drug trafficking and other types of serious and new crimes have hit and escalated in explosive momentum and it is only now that we see and hear the results of the devastating establishment's destructive and irresponsible policies involving crime. , violence and hatred increase and groups are set against each other and destabilize Sweden in a brutal way.

Majority of rapists and murderers with foreign backgrounds are not expelled, the punishment is lowered because the accused changes the age in the middle of the trial, street children who are actually adult robbers have up to ten different identities and are released into the streets so they can commit new crimes. IS families are welcomed home, while caring families, women and children are expelled for as little as they missed taking a holiday years ago.

Those who have to pay the highest price because the politicians' sham humanism costs, are the weakest in society: Poor, sick pensioners rooting in the garbage for leftovers and sleeping out in the streets, victims of violence and single women and children who become homeless, handicapped and young people and children with special needs left to die because those in power have decided that assistance for them should be withdrawn.

They are sacrificed on the multicultural altar, the "goodness" of the media and the politicians (read the abuse of power and incompetence) which is about deceiving and misleading people by implementing "right" fundamental values ​​indoctrination which enables the power elite to hide behind newly established and invented expressions such as "all human beings" equal value ”to be able to fish sympathies and voices and thereby bite themselves in power. Systematic control, bullying and smashing are therefore systematic critics and whistleblowers by stamping them as evil Nazis, racists, xenophobic and right-wing extremists. The aim is to silence the opposition who refuses to quietly look at when Sweden is being razed.

For everyone who can see, it has already noted that most of the migrants who were promised a competence rain do not save Sweden and its welfare, but rather a burden for society from several different perspectives. Without any plan, Sweden has received more than it can handle. Several studies and studies also show that many of those who come here do not want to be integrated but rather protect themselves and their children from Swedish and Western values, culture and views. The upper secondary law became a failure when the majority failed to complete studies, became homeless and also had drug-related problems. We can read about frauds, death threats, rape and exploitation of real children and young people in homes where older men and women are suited to initiate relationships with both staff and younger individuals. Sweden's politician writes his own laws that protect them and enrolls in the parents' address to be able to get money while the pensioners live on the subsistence minimum and sick children are left to die.

Obviously, one must divert attention and distract people from this disgusting circus and the mess politicians have caused and therefore one has thought out an effective strategy. What suited better than creating a climate psychosis and using a child? The most effective and sharpest weapon that causes the power elite to appear stronger, better and more immune to all accusations.

Just as when "refugee children" guaranteed the politicians' compassion and no one could question this, we have now got a new minor in the lead role. Of adult-appointed climate saints warn of a new climate crisis. The crowd should be distracted when Islamist and anti-Semitic forces and a low-intensity war spread in Sweden. New good-natured sects are formed, the same old leaders are rolling up their sleeves to devour more power now that they can now play on the climate card and exploit a child to get up and back to the throne again by frightening the gullible citizens arrested by panic because they went to the myth that the earth (again) is about to go under.

We have been given new demonstrations with politicians and left-wing activists who are posing with a girl with a diagnosis who has become an icon and hero overnight in the world and whose mother happens to be a celebrity and left activist. The same old story repeats itself with the media and other great leaders, politicians, businessmen and celebrity profiles that raise the girl and the climate crisis both fanatically and intensely. Everyone wants a piece of cake.

One cries out that right-wing populism is a threat to democracy, while at the same time engaging in an emotional-based climate popularism that is based on frightening life out of people without presenting facts. Everything just happens in a "natural" and "honest" way, in "good purpose" and the only thing we see and hear now is climate anxiety, climate crisis and climate catastrophe so we can stop talking and thinking about hand grenades, explosions, rape, IS- travelers, death violence, police officers kneeling, care that collapses, a school that does not work and municipalities that go bankrupt any day.

Abusers do not care about unaccompanied children or refugee children whose lives are destroyed at HVB homes in Sweden, nor do they care about girls living with adult men in our country. They do not care about 16-year-old Greta suffering from Asperger's syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder and selective mutism or 20-year-old Tyra who was born with CP injury and died because she lost the right to assistance even though she had 20 breaths per day, or 11 -year-old Ebba who was murdered in the terrorist attack in Stockholm by a man who was not expelled as he was due to politicians' laxity.

Politicians only care about power, influence and money. They are ready to lie unscrupulous without being ashamed. They are ready to exploit a crippled child to achieve their goals while continuing to mislead and bring the easily manipulated crowd behind the light that they want to save the world. They are prepared to sacrifice the lives of children for their own benefit.

Many of my readers have wondered why I am not becoming a politician. What has always prevented me is the idea of ​​selling my soul to the devil.


BIANCA MURATAGIC is a singing teacher, opinion maker and columnist.

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.




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