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Who is Abraham Weintraub, the new education minister of the Bolsonaro government?

BBC BRASIL - 08 April 2019 - 3 hours ago

Abraham Weintraub, new Minister of Education
Image captionAlongside his brother, Abraham Weintraub advocated strategies for 'overcoming cultural Marxism in universities'

The president Jair Bolsonaro (PSL) said on Monday the exchange of command Ministry of Education (MEC) . In place of Ricardo Vélez Rodriguez, dismissed this morning, assumes the economist Abraham Weintraub.

Weintraub was one of the members of the transitional government team led by current Minister Onyx Lorenzoni (DEM-RS). He and his brother, lawyer Arthur Weintraub - who is also part of the government, as deputy chief advisor to the Special Adviser to the President of the Republic - participated in the formulation of the Bolsonaro government program in the area of ​​Social Security, the team of the Minister of Economy , Paulo Guedes.

After the election, he took over as executive secretary of the Civil House, the second most important post of the ministry led by Lorenzoni, a position he leaves now to take over the MEC.

Weintraub has a degree in Economics from the University of São Paulo and a master's degree in Financial Administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas. However, unlike earlier reported by Bolsonaro on Twitter, the economist does not declare on the Lattes platform nor on the LinkedIn social network that he has taken a doctorate. The president corrected the information shortly afterwards.

Currently, he is executive director of the Center for Studies in Security of the Federal University of São Paulo (Unifesp). He is also a professor of social security law at the same institution. He reports in his curriculum on the Lattes platform that coordinated in 2016 the presentation of an alternative proposal of the Pension Reform formulated by professors of the university.

Weintraub also served as a financial market executive for more than 20 years. He was a partner of Quest Investimentos, director of Banco Votorantim, member of the trading committee of Bovespa, advisor to the National Association of Brokers and Distributors of Securities, Exchange and Merchandise (Ancord).

Weintraub was dismissed from Votorantim in August 2012, according to meeting minutes published at the time. The statement does not give details of the reasons for leaving the executive.

Approach with Bolsonaro

The Weintraub brothers approached Bolsonaro through Lorenzoni, as Arthur reported at a meeting of Unifesp's Department of Actuarial Science at which he is a professor in March 2018.

According to the minutes of the meeting, Arthur told those present that, after presenting his proposal for reform of the Social Security in the National Congress, he was contacted by Lorenzoni, who informed him that deputies were interested in his work - among them, - Bolsonaro candidate.

At first Arthur thought that Bolsonaro had "radical thinking," but that Lorenzoni asked him and his brother to get better information about the current president, because "the Brazilian media distorts the information."

"In this way, to the best of his knowledge, his brother Abraham and he realized that this radical conduct would be a lie. So they went to talk to Jair Bolsonaro, who would have been trained in engineering by the Black Needles, which would be a military school, in statistics and in mathematics, so they began to give scientific and non-political support to this candidate, in the same way that several professors of UNICAMP and USP did to other candidates, "the document says.

Goebbels, Galileo and the Bible

In November 2017, Bolsonaro published in social networks a text signed by his team and the Weintraub brothers in which they defended the independence of the Central Bank, criticized the Workers' Party and dealt with the macroeconomic tripod.

The text says that "with their independence, having clear mandates / metrics clear and well defined by the legislature, professionals will have the autonomy to guarantee to society that never again populist presidents or demagogues will put the stability of the country at risk to pursue a political result short term ".

Weintraub (center in gray suit) participates in transition government event
Image captionWeintraub (center in gray suit) was a member of the government transition team

Critics of former President Dilma Rousseff were also criticized for "disastrous inflation" and former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva for having left the country "with his Dilma / Temer anointed." In addition, the propaganda minister of the German Nazi regime, Joseph Goebbels, the scientist Galileo Galilei and a Bible verse were cited.

"While the left prefers gurus of National Socialism as Joseph Goebbels: 'A lie repeated a thousand times becomes true'; we are left with Galileo Galilei: eppur si muove [ however she moves , in translation]! The conviction that we will overcome comes from John 8:32 'And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.' "

This text generated a repudiation note from the academic centers of Unifesp, in which they criticized the Weintraub brothers' support for Bolsonaro for "normalizing the candidate as legitimate and supposedly worthy of our dialogue."

The brothers responded in an ironic tone, stating, among other things, that students "pull the campus average down" and that "eagerly await the dictatorship of the proletariat."

According to Arthur, according to the minutes of Unifesp's Department of Actuarial Science Department meeting, he and his brother were the target of four administrative lawsuits filed by their respondents responding to "student offenses posted on Facebook."

"We were very outraged at the invasion of our personal life.It was pure ideological patrol, a note of repudiation of our freedom.After work, our personal life does not concern anyone.We did not do anything illegal, we did not use structure, money, e-mail, nothing, absolutely nothing from UNIFESP, "Abraham Weintraub told O Estado de S. Paulo newspaper.

"We believe that humor is redemptive, it can not deal with ridiculous arguments with seriousness, we take advantage of and unloose the liver."

'Overcoming cultural Marxism in universities'

Weintraub at Transitional Government Meeting
Image captionWeintraub has a degree in Economics from USP and a master's degree in Financial Management from FGV

Alongside his brother, Abraham participated in the Conservative Summit of the Americas in December 2018. The duo presented a lecture in which he listed strategies for "overcoming cultural Marxism in universities" inspired by the theories of the writer Olavo de Carvalho.

"How do we win this battle?" "Not being boring." "We have to be funnier than the Communists," said Weintraub.

The economist said the fighting allowed the country to increase its per capita income considerably. "In Latin America, if we overcome the challenge of communism and do not let other pressures come in, like Islamic terrorism, we have everything to be one of the most stable regions in the world."

He disputed the thesis that communism was weakened with the end of the Soviet Union. "When the Berlin Wall fell, there was a lot of guava that said 'Communism is over, we can rest easy,'" Weintraub said.

"We can not, this gang will go home, they are intelligent. Our enemies went home and reinvented themselves."

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New Education Minister Abraham Weintraub repeats the Nazi speech in Germany in the 1930s and says that "communists" own the banks, large corporations and the press in the country; In Germany, instead of the Communists, the aim of speech similar to that of Weintraub was the Jews; according to Gerd Wenzel, an ESPN Brasil commentator and Germany-born Deutsche Welle columnist, is "plagiarism of the 1930s in Germany: it's just switching 'communists' to 'Jews'"

APRIL 9, 2019 AT 09:33

New Education Minister Abraham Weintraub repeats the Nazi speech in Germany in the 1930s and says "communists" own banks, large corporations and the press in the country. In Germany, instead of the Communists, the target of speech similar to that of Weintraub was the Jews. According to Gerd Wenzel, an ESPN Brasil commentator and German-born Deutsche Welle columnist, the speech is "plagiarism of the 1930s in Germany: it's just switching 'communists' to 'Jews'."

What the new minister said in a speech in 2018:

"they are the owners of the big companies, they are the owners of the monopolies"

What the Nazis said in 1930:

"Jews are the top of the country, they are the top financial organizations, they own the newspapers, they own the big companies, they own the monopolies"

Hitler attributed the ills of Germany to the supposed fact that the Jews controlled the media and the financial system with it, chose a scapegoat, which became the preferred target of the Nazi persecution the weintraub, in essence does the same

The farsque statement. Weintraub launches an accusation that the Setúbal, owners of Itaú, the Safra, owners of the bank that bears the family name, Jorge Paulo Lemann, with his fortune of $ 23 billion, the Marines and the Frias would be communists with the same objective that the Nazis launched a similar accusation to the Jews in Germany.

Hitler attributed the ills of Germany to the supposed fact that the Jews controlled the media and the financial system. With this, he chose a scapegoat, which became the preferred target of Nazi persecution. Weintraub in essence does the same. In 1930, a wave of antipathy and revulsion was created that gave political conditions to the brutal persecution, whose summit was the Holocaust or Shoá, in which more than 6 million Jews died. It is the same method that the new minister now uses against the communists.

The tragic irony is that Weintraub is a Jew.

See Gerd Wenzel's tweet and watch the minister in his speech:

Gerd Wenzel@gerdwenzel

Vídeo incorporado

6.36518:24 - 8 de abr de 2019

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.


What Weintraub with his Holocaust memory is trying to do is using the ´communists´ to hide the real idenities of the ´global elite´, Illuminati, Freemasons, Jesuits and Jews who are the ones owning/controlling the Press, Media, Banks, Hollywood and have infiltrated top positions of the world´s governments.  The global elite actually invented ´communism´ in order to destroy the emporium of the Tszar of Russia. He also seems to consider himself a bit of a comedian who wants to conquer his enemies with bearded humour.  

He also belittles the Brazilian people of the Northeast by suggesting the substitution of the curriculum of maths and geography with agriculture and farming at the Jewish run classes in Brazil, whereas everyone should be given an equal chance to develope his own potential through an equal curriculum. Insane idea to base the contents of the school curriculum on WHERE you live, as you sooner or later will be moving to different areas of Brazil and the World.  The Weintraub brothers does not sound like an advantageous addittion to the Bolsonaro government.


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