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The Jesuit Order Exposed

-June 8, 2014


Contrary to popular belief, the illuminati existed in Spain in the 1500’s. The illuminati did have a revival and restructuring in the 1700’s through Adam Weishaupt though. The second revival and restructure of the illuminati came through Theodore Reuss in Munich and then in England. The illuminati existed in Spain in the 1500’s and was officially known in Spain as “The Alumbrados” (Spanish pronunciation: [alumˈbɾaðos], Illuminated). The Alumbrados were known to be involved in mystical spiritual ideology, which is what the present illuminati occult groups advertise themselves to be.

All the illuminati front groups that work as door ways into the illuminati for new recruits, advertise themselves as mystical spiritual occult groups, however as you progress further in the organization, they eventually lead you into a combination of hardcore Luciferianism and Satanism. Some groups such as the Ordo Templi Orientis (OTO) have levels which are known as the illuminati levels. Los Alumbrados had Gnostic and Babylonian Origins, very similar to Crowley’s OTO that has relations to the Gnostic church and Gnostic Mass etc.

When analyzing the Spanish Alumbrados, one immediately observes the similarity of this group, to the present day illuminati, which is made up of the OTO and the various interlocking Satanic/Luciferian groups. When one does the research, its clear the illuminati has been led since the 1500’s by Jesuit Priests and Satanists operating in high level Vatican offices.

“Although the Alumbrados [Illuminated; Illuminati; Enlightened Ones] of Spain were linked in their zeal and spirituality to the Franciscan reforms of which Cardinal de Cisneros was a promoter, the administrators of the Inquisition had mounting suspicions.” (Wikipedia)

In the above wikipedia quote, we clearly see that the illuminati had links to a Cardinal in the Vatican and that this particular Cardinal was both a leader and inspiration to the illuminati.

Another well known member of the Alumbrados in the 1500’s was Ignatius Loyola, who was the founder and first General of the Jesuit Order. We clearly observe that the illuminati when documented at its earliest forms, is linked to the leader of the Jesuit Order (Ignatius Loyola).

“Ignatius of Loyola, while studying at Salamanca in 1527, was brought before an ecclesiastical commission on a charge of sympathy with the alumbrados.” (Wikipedia)

According to Wikipedia, in 1527 Ignatius Loyola who was a member of the Alumbrados, was questioned about his involvement with this group by the Vatican. Ignatius also spoke directly to the Pope about his involvement with the Alumbrados, and how he wanted to start up the Jesuit Order to further the goals of the Roman Catholic Church. The Pope gave Ignatius his stamp of approval, and allowed Ignatius Loyola to start up the Jesuit Order which would serve and eventually take over the Vatican. The Jesuit Order now completely controls the Vatican both in the shadows and outwardly, as the Jesuits now have one of their own as the White Pope.

According to other documentation, the members of the Alumbrados in the 1500’s, were inspired and lead by the teachings of a Roman Catholic Cardinal (Cardinal de Cisneros). A Cardinal is one of the highest ranks in the Roman Catholic Church, and they are one of 70 Vatican officials who choose who the Pope will be.

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We can clearly observe that two leading members of the Alumbrados (illuminati) in the 1500’s were high level Vatican officials. Although Ignatius Loyola was questioned by certain people in the Vatican, about his involvement with the Alumbrados (probably because of an internal Vatican power struggle), Ignatius was officially ordained by the Pope as Jesuit General. Here we see links between a Cardinal who was an inspiration to the illuminati (who basically is involved in the installment of Popes), the Jesuit General  and the Pope in the 1500’s. If one analyzes this documentation objectively, its clear that the illuminati was led by high level Vatican officials since the 1500’s.

In 1773, there was a revival and restructure of the illuminati in Bavaria Germany through Adam Weishaupt. Most illuminati researchers believe that Adam Weishaupt was the founder of the illuminati, however if one looks at the facts objectively, Adam Weishaupt was simply an agent for the Jesuits to revive the illuminati and recruit more members”Weishaupt began his formal education at age seven at a Jesuit school. He later enrolled at the University of Ingolstadt (Jesuit University named after the founder of the Jesuits) and graduated in 1768.” (Wikipedia)

“In 1773, Weishaupt became a professor of canon law, a position that was held exclusively by the Jesuits until that time.” (Wikipedia)

Weishaupt’s relationship to the Jesuits is astonishing and its my personal belief that he actually was a Jesuit, as he held an office that has always traditionally been occupied by Jesuits (professor of canon law).

The founder of the Jesuits (Ignatius Loyola) was documented as a leading member of the illuminati in the 1500’s, now we have Adam Weishaupt, who is clearly a Jesuit or Jesuit agent, reviving and leading the illuminati in the 1700’s. If one analyzes these facts with an objective mind, you can come to no other conclusion, except that the Jesuits have been ruling and leading the illuminati since day one. The Jesuits are the secret puppet masters of the illuminati, who hide in the shadows and under the protection of Roman Catholic religious costumes. The Jesuits act righteous and above board during the day in the public limelight, however at night, they turn their crosses upside down, and their religious costumes inside out and worship their true lord who is satan.

Adolpho Nicolas - The Black Pope admits he´s in charge

According to former Jesuit Priest Alberto Rivera, the Jesuits regularly hold Black Masses where the devil is worshipped. At the black mass, Alberto Rivera also witnessed high level Jesuits wearing Masonic rings and Masonic jewellery. Alberto Rivera also explained that the Jesuits involved in the Black Masses have links to the illuminati in England. Alberto Rivera has the background and credentials as a former Jesuit Priest, so that should give him some credibility, however if you study historical facts, history certainly supports and gives credibility to Alberto Rivera’s testimony.

If your an illuminati researcher, I am certain your familiar with the second revival of the illuminati by Adam Weishaupt, most researchers will certainly agree with me on this, however most believe this is when the illuminati was founded. However if you read my notes above I clearly show the illuminati was operating in the 1500’s in Spain. I believe I have proven that Adam Weishaupt was either a Jesuit or Jesuit agent. At the minimum, Adam Weishaupt was a layman working in the office of a Jesuit, but my personal opinion is that he probably was an actual Jesuit. So if your with me so far, you have observed that a Cardinal from the Vatican and the Jesuit General were leaders in the illuminati in the 1500’s, and during the second revival of the illuminati in the 1700’s a Jesuit agent (Adam Weishaupt) was reviving and recruiting members for the illuminati.

The third revival of the illuminati occured through Theodore Reuss in Munich/Germany in 1880 onwards. Based on the principle of logic, it is my hypothesis that Reuss also was a Jesuit agent working for the Jesuits. I think by the late 1800’s the Jesuits and Cardinals working with them, decided to step into the shadows and control the illuminati from deep within the shadows. If you have two confirmed Jesuit agents who led and revived the illuminati for the last few hundred years, any logical and reasonable individual would agree,that it was likely Reuss was a Jesuit agent. It was during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, that the Jesuits began to cloak themselves from being seen and connected to the illuminati.

It was around this time that many books about the Jesuit went missing or were destroyed, nowadays, it is almost impossible to get any information or history about the Jesuits. Most people do not know that the Jesuits throughout history, have been kicked out of countries all over the world for political intrigue and political subversion. Most people do not know either that it was the Jesuits of the Jesuit College of Clermont, who wrote the Luciferianized degree’s of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. Well known occultist, author and Luciferian Helena Blavatsky also writes in her book “Isis Unveiled” that it was the Jesuits who wrote the Masonic Degree’s.

If you combine the Scottish Rite and Misraim Memphis Rites of Freemasonry, you basically have over 90 degree’s of Freemasonry. Most people think that Freemasonry goes to 33 degrees only, but the Misraim/Memphis Rite of Freemasonry takes you to the 99th degree. However by the time you reach the 33rd degree, according to famous Freemason Albert Pike, you are told that Lucifer is God and thats who Freemasons must worship. At the top of the Masonic pyramid, it is a Satanic fellowship and Satanic worship.

Theodore Reuss was Grand Master of the Memphis/Misraim fused Masonic Rite, which made him Grand Master of all Freemasons from the 99th degree and downward. Once again, it is my hypothesis that Reuss was a Jesuit agent, so I personally believe that Reuss like Weishaupt was a Jesuit agent who controlled the Freemasons on behalf of the Jesuits. I believe that Reuss was submitted to the Jesuit General throughout his rulership over Freemasonry. If we refer to Blavatsky’s Isis Unveiled, and if you research the evidence that the Jesuits of Clermont College wrote the high level degree’s of Freemasonry, then we have to refer to logic and consider that Reuss was a Jesuit agent who referred to the Jesuits on how to understand and apply the high degrees of Freemasonry. Hence, Reuss was a student and subordinate of the Jesuit Order.

Upon inspecting Reuss’s rulership of Freemasonry from the 1st to 99th degree, we can also inspect his other memberships, to see the entire illuminati spread out through their interlocking secret mystical societies, which ultimately worship Satan in their inner circle.

Theodore Reuss: ” In 1880, in Munich, he participated in an attempt to revive Adam Weishaupt’s Bavarian Order of Illuminati. While in England, he became friends with William Wynn Westcott, the Supreme Magus of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia and one of the founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Westcott provided Reuss with a charter dated July 26, 1901 for the Swedenborgian Rite of Masonry and a letter of authorization dated February 24, 1902 to found a High Council in Germania of the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. Gérard Encausse provided him with a charter dated June 24, 1901 designating him Special Inspector for the Martinist Order in Germany. In 1888, in Berlin, he joined with Leopold Engel of Dresden, Max Rahn and August Weinholz in another effort to revive the Illuminati Order. In 1895, he began to discuss the formation of Ordo Templi Orientis with Carl Kellner.” (Wikipedia)

One of the branches of Martinism is called Elus-Cohens. “In the highest of the three degrees of the Order of the Elus-Cohen, known as the Shrine, itself consisting of three degrees of which the highest was the Master Reau-Crois, evocation of entities belonging to the Divine Plane was carried out.” (Wikipedia) According to Wikipedia, we can observe that Martinism involves summoning demons and interacting with them. According to top researchers, the Martinist Order is a Jesuit organization that is directly involved in communicating with demons.

According to my own research, the Martinist Order is one of the highest up groups in the Jesuit illuminati, I believe the Martinist Order was set up by the Jesuits as a place where they could introduce Satan and his demons to people climbing the illuminati hierarchy. According to my own research, the Martinist Order does not have any specific teachings written down, all teaching is by verbal teaching and your not allowed to write down anything you learn at the Martinist Order, it’s also well known that Martinists have claimed to interact with angels (which are actually fallen angels/demons) on many occasions in their meetings.

It has also been documented that Martinism and it’s teaching played a part in restructuring and reforming the Bavarian branch of the illuminati in the 1700’s. “Having reformed the French branch of the order, Willermoz (high level Martinist) in 1782 succeeded in persuading the German mother branch to adopt his reforms – though not without meeting considerable opposition from other branches of the Strict Observance, such as the Illuminatifounded by Adam Weishaupt on May Day 1776 in Bavaria.” (Wikipedia) Here we see that the Bavarian illuminati and Martinist illuminati rubbed shoulders, and that Martinism played a role in reforming the Bavarian illuminati.

Martinism find’s its beginnings in France and was established in 1740 by a man named Louis Claude de Saint-Martin, whom most researchers believe was a Spanish Roman Catholic. If one studies the teachings of Martinism you discover that they seek illumination, and this word illumination is mentioned specifically in documents that report on the group. It is my belief that the Jesuits used Saint-Martin to establish an illuminati base in France, and then the Martinist illuminati teachings got imported from France to Bavaria and helped reform the Bavarian illuminati.

In 1901 Reuss was made Special Inspector of the Martinist Order in Germany, which is interesting, because in 1901 he was deputy Grand Master over the 1st to 99th degree Freemasons, so if we take these matters into consideration, Reuss was in fact second in charge of all Freemasons worldwide yet he was a Special Inspector in the Martinist Order and submitted to other authorities in the Martinist Order. The Martinist Order is an order linked to the Rosicrucian Order and the Rosicrucians have a saying that is, “Masonry is our second sight.”

The Martinist Order is an organization where people communicate with fallen angels directly, or if you would like me to be more blunt, the Martinist Order is a place where you can talk and interact with Satan and the demons who follow him. My hypothesis is that the Martinist Order is an order the Jesuits created, to get people under more demonic control and to communicate directly with Satan. Reuss probably was controlled by agents in the Martinist Order who were controlled by the Jesuits, so the Jesuits had created layers to protect themselves from people connecting the dots. Yes, the Jesuit is cunning and as the illuminati has progressed and evolved since the 1500’s, the Jesuits have implemented measures, to ensure the public does not connect them to the interconnected illuminati groups.

With every illuminati revival and evolution, the Jesuit has sought to hide himself in greater layers, so in this present day, without heavy research and prayer, the average researcher has problems seeing the Jesuits as the true leaders of the illuminati. There are numerous secret societies under various names around the world and they are all Jesuit illuminati bases, however one needs to understand that the Jesuits have authority over all these groups, and only Satan and his demons have a higher rank in the illuminati than the Jesuit.

The illuminati at the very top is led and controlled by supernatural beings known as Lucifer/Satan, and various other supernatural demons who use a variety of names. Under Satan and his demons are the Jesuits, they are next in charge. Why are the Jesuits second in charge under Satan and his demons? Because Satan and his demons are spirit beings and they need spiritual protection, so they placed the Jesuits underneath them in the illuminati to protect them. The Jesuits protect Satan and his demons by fighting a covert but violent war against true Born again Christians who follow Jesus Christ, and are able to cast away and do damage to demons by following instructions from the Bible.

Since the 1600’s, the Jesuits have been infiltrating Bible translation offices, to remove Bible verses and corrupt manuscripts to corrupt the instructions given to Christians by God. However in 1611, under the authority of King James of England, the greatest minds of England were able to produce the greatest Bible translation ever called “The King James Bible”. The King James English Bible was translated from the original uncorrupted Greek and Hebrew texts, and was an exact English translation of every word given to Jesus disciples (New Testament) and to the Jews (Old Testament). Since the publication of the King James Bible, the Jesuits and their agents have been trying to replace it with other Jesuit modern versions, which bring down the deity of Jesus Christ, and which remove multitudes of verses to water it down.

A watered down inaccurate Bible becomes a useless tool in the hands of a Christian, therefore they lose their authority to come against Satan and his demons. The Jesuit like a cunning special forces soldier, has come into the camp of the Christian, and tampered with his weapon, to give Satan an advantage and to weaken the Christians weapons. This is one way the Jesuit protects his master Satan and the demons. It is only a born again Christian who knows the Bible and has the Holy Ghost in him, who can actually entrap and cast away these notorious spirit beings (Satan and his demons) who control the illuminati.

The Jesuit has also fought against Satan’s enemies for centuries by: burning, boiling, shooting, stabbing, poisoning, beheading and torturing any born again Christian who follows the Bible. This assault by the Jesuits against God’s people continues to this day, as the Jesuits secretly poison and assassinate genuine Protestant Christians who will not submit to the Pope or their agenda. The Jesuits are able to use all kinds of poisons, such as secret nanotechnology bio-weapon poisons, that cannot be identified by most medical blood tests.

The Jesuits use the Roman Catholic Church as an institution where they become the authority over anyone interested in Christianity, so that they can control anyone interested in Christianity, and stop them from ever truly becoming a real Christian through: false doctrine, useless rituals and dumbing down. The Roman Catholic in essence, becomes a victim, as they seek to pursue God, they are trapped by a system where the Jesuits who rule the Vatican and clergy are instructing the congregation according to the will of Lucifer. Lucifer’s will of course is for these congregation members to be blind to the truth so that they cannot be effective in battle against him.

This dumbing down of the Roman Catholic congregation is spread throughout the Protestant denominations, as the Jesuits recruit Protestant preachers through freemasonry. As we read various reports in today’s media, where we have well known Protestant Ministers saying that, we need to unite with the Vatican, we can observe the Jesuit influence has moved throughout many church denominations and is not isolated to the Roman Catholic Church. The Jesuits job is to control anyone interested in Christianity and protect Lucifer from them. The Jesuits are satan’s bodyguards on earth, that is why they are so high up in the illuminati.

There are numerous publications that have documented protestant born again Christians who know the Bible, who have interacted with Lucifer and his demons, and have successfully been able to: rebuke, control, bind and successfully fight against these spirit beings using principles outlined in the Bible. It is these people that the Jesuits fight against to protect Lucifer. According to Alberto Rivera, the Jesuits poison and murder any Christian who will not submit to the Popes agenda. Alberto Rivera also explains how he was involved in various operations, which involved infiltrating Protestant churches and destroying them from within. The Jesuits engage in these operations to protect Lucifer and expand his Kingdom.

The Jesuits have also been involved in murdering and persecuting genuine followers of the Jewish religion. The Jesuits in control of the Bavarian illuminati raised up Hitler and the Nazi’s to persecute and kill many Jews who followed the Old Testament Bible, the Jesuits also used the Nazi’s to kill many Christians as well. Multitudes of Christians who wanted to follow righteousness also perished with Jews in the many Nazi death camps. Although many researchers claim the Jews run the illuminati, some people in the illuminati may be Jew by birth and have Jewish genes, but they have forsaken their Jewish religion and are following the Luciferian religion whose leadership is Jesuit. I suspect the Jesuit places Jews in visible power positions so the blame of world problems is blamed on the Jew. In most cases the Jew is the money manager and accountant for the Jesuit, the money Jew in the illuminati manages and operates the money under Jesuit directions.

The Masonic Jews in Israeli government who work for the Jesuits are also not managing the nation of Israel for the benefit of the many common Jews. Large chunks of land are often given away to extremist Islamic groups to create continued unrest and civil wars in the region, the Masonic Jews in political power in Israel want to keep the unrest going, so the UN can intervene and take over Jerusalem for the Jesuit Pope.

In the past Rabbi Kahane (an Israeli politician) wanted to give arabs/muslims living in Israel, large sums of money to relocate outside of Israel. This would have created peace and better living standards for arabs, as Israel and Palestine have become recruiting grounds for Islamic extremists, who thrive on the poverty of arabs and recruit them into extremist groups to attack Jews in Israel. Violence between Muslims and Jews in Israel is an ongoing civil war, Jews and Muslims have not been able to live peacefully for centuries, as both ideologies are in major conflict with each other. After Rabbi Kahane tried to give financial relocation assistance to arabs and make Israel exclusively Jewish, he was thrown in Jail by Israeli Masonic jewish politicians.

I do believe that the Jews deserve to be in Israel as God gave them that land in the Bible, but they are not living peacefully there as Islam and Judaism have never been able to exist peacefully. The ideal solution is to relocate the Muslims/Arabs elsewhere and give them funds to start a better life somewhere, away from the middle eastern civil war, and away from Islamic extremism, so they can choose an ideology and lifestyle independently, without bias coercian from extremists who thrive in poverty situations. But if you do the research, its my opinion that the Israeli Masonic politicians are working with Masonic Islamic leaders, to keep trouble occurring in that region, so the Jesuits can bring Israel under UN control and install their antichrist Pope as King of Jerusalem.

Many of the top leaders in the illuminati have roots in Nazism and the illuminati is certainly not a Jewish conspiracy, although some Jews may be working for the Jesuits in the illuminati in various offices (mainly banking).

Many of the leading personalities in the illuminati are former Nazi’s and have been trained by Nazi’s, and as already discussed the Nazi’s and Hitler were raised up and controlled by the Jesuits. The Nazi SS itself was designed after the Jesuit Order.
“Himmler used the Jesuits as the model for the SS, since he found they had the core element absolute obedience and the cult of the organisation. Hitler is also said to have called Himmler “my Ignatius of Loyola”. (Wikipedia)

The Nazi’s and the SS were an expression of the Jesuit Order and illuminati, and the Nazi era itself was used as a training ground to develop many of the Jesuit Order and illuminati’s systems. Death and prisoner camps such as Auschwitz, were used to imprison expendable people, that the Jesuit mad scientists could use as giunea pigs, when they experimented on people with satanic ideologies and satanic science.

It was in these Nazi death camps that most of the mind control and systems the Jesuits and illuminati use today were developed. The Jesuit illuminati went through a big revival after Theodore Reuss revived the illuminati in Munich Germany, and that revival and evolution continued in Germany as the occult revival birthed the Nazi party and Hitler. Hitler and the top level Nazi officials were members of an illuminati organization known as the Thule Society, which sprang up in Germany as a result of Theodore Reuss’s occult revival.

Once the Jesuit/illuminati Nazi’s finished their experimentation at the Nazi death camps, the Jesuits used the allies to bomb and destroy the mainly Protestant Christian area’s of Germany, to kill as many Christian heretics as they could. Remember that the Jesuits controlled the allies and Nazi’s at this time, and once they had used the allies to bomb the Christian heretics in Germany, they then rescued all their top Nazi illuminati officials through programs such as Operation Paperclip. Through the American program called “Operation Paperclip”, many top Nazi Scientist’s and Nazi officials were brought back to the United States and absorbed into the US intelligence agencies. Many top Nazi’s and SS officer’s became leading illuminati figures in the USA, as they had brought back knowledge from Germany they had learnt in the concentration camps.

Nazi SS officer Joseph Mengele became a high level figure in the US branch of the illuminati and the international illuminati. Mengele was involved in producing unquestioning illuminati soldiers, spies, assassins and servants. There are literally too many reports of Mengele operating in the CIA and other US intelligence agencies to report, he has been identified by mind control victims who have testified at public hearings on numerous occasions.

Joseph Mengele was a doctor who worked at the Nazi death camp known as Auschwitz, it is at this camp that he tortured and experimented on people. It has been reported that he would torture people to the extreme, to calculate how much torture the average person could tolerate before they died. He would later use these torture techniques to develop mulitiple personality disorder in his subjects, so that he could create multiple personalities in one person, and use each personality for various purposes, without the principle personality knowing what the other internal personality was up to.

Proof the Jesuits control the United States Military  (video)

This phenomena was dramatized in the movie “The Manchurian Candidate” where a politician would recieve a phone call and a key word was told to him on the phone, once this key word was recited, the politician would go into a trance and become a different person who would murder on command. After the politician would kill someone after going into a trance and literally turning into a different person, he would then forget what happened and could not even remember killing anyone. This is the sort of mind control that Mengele had developed by experimenting with patients in Auschwitz, using various techniques that involved torture and drugs.

There have been a number of ex illuminati members who have come out of the organization, and stated that Joseph Mengle was operating as a programmer in the United States on members of the US illuminati. One woman recalled how as a girl Mengele would program her by forcing her to kill a chicken (assassination programming) and when she wouldnt comply, Mengele would cut off her hair and take away her toys and belongings. This technique Mengele applied was used at Auschwitz and is basic Auschwitz programming. Its well documented that the first thing that happened to Auschwitz prisoners, was that their hair was shaved off, and their belongings and possessions were seized. This was Jesuit/illuminati experimentation on how to humiliate and mind control subjects, and get them to do what you want them to do.

According to my research, I do believe Joseph Mengele was a part of the US operation paper clip, and that he was absorbed into either the CIA or NSA (maybe both) and used by the Jesuits to program and control members of the illuminati in the USA and abroad. I believe the Jesuits and illuminati brought many Nazi’s into the USA and placed them in key positions in the CIA and NSA, and I believe there is a big Nazi influence in the US intelligence agencies up untill today.

The Nazi’s in the USA’s; CIA, NSA and other intelligence agencies, make up much of the Jesuit/illuminati apparatus in the USA. Even untill today, NSA agents such as Colonel Michael Aquino are known to dress up in Nazi uniforms and participate in Nazi occult rituals. Michael Aquino has stated on record that his religious beliefs sometimes do involve Nazi ideologies. So here we see that the Nazi ideology in US intelligence agencies is alive today. The US intelligence agencies which were full of Jesuit/illuminati agents, embraced these Nazi’s that came to them through Operation Paperclip, and also embraced many of their ideologies as they were occult Luciferian brothers.

The United States today is still at war with the Nazi factions, which now fight the US populace through US intelligence agencies they are agents of. The Nazi’s and Jesuit/illuminati fight the US through these intelligence agencies, by recruiting and training mind control slaves through CIA programs such as MKultra, and using these slaves to assassinate and spy on their enemies in the USA. They also use the CIA and NSA to start up various cults and movements to stir up trouble in the USA.

I also believe many of the mass shootings in schools and other places in the USA are committed by Nazi, CIA, NSA mind control victims, the Jesuit/illuminati use these mind control victims, to create these shootings so they can take away US citizen’s guns. Once US citizens have their guns seized, then the world government can send world government troops into the USA, and enforce UN laws that contradict the US constitution. If US citizens have no guns, they cannot resist the: world government, world army and world police, that the Jesuits want to implement over every country in the world.

The Jesuits/illuminati want a world government that’s: Nazi fascist, communist and totalitarian, and remember that the first thing Hitler and the communist leaders did, was take away everyone’s guns, so they couldn’t defend themselves against a fascist government. The Jesuit/illuminati want to erect their Jesuit Pope as King of the world and god, whom they will force everyone to worship by placing a microchip in your forehead or hand so they can have full control of you, in the Bible this microchip is known as the mark of the beast, and if you take this mark you will be damned forever as you have made an allegiance with Satan.

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (Revelation 13:16-18)

In conclusion it is clear that the illuminati are a tool and product of the Jesuit Order and that their goal is a one world government, where they can install their Jesuit Pope as King of the world government and world religion. The answer to this plot of satan is get a copy of the King James Bible, so we can hear what God has to say in our own language, and we need to seek God through Jesus Christ, so we can come into the Super Intelligence (Holy Spirit) consciousness and be guided by God through the Holy Spirit.

Obviously there is a conspiracy going on thats beyond our imagination and comprehension, and you the reader may be asking, what can I do? The author of this conspiracy is a supernatural being and ultimately this is a spiritual war, and you need spiritual help, so I would like to invite you to pray with me. Whether your a human or reptilian hybrid in the illuminati, or your just a concerned citizen, I invite you to please pray this prayer, so you can come into: the Jesus Christ Holy Spirit consciousness:

Lord, I come to you in Jesus name and after careful research, prayer and consideration, I believe that the King James Bible is accurate, and I believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for my sins and that three days later he rose from the dead. Please forgive me of my sins, as I put my faith in Jesus Christ who took the punishment on that cross that I deserved. Come into my heart oh Jesus and fill me with the Holy Spirit, so that I can have the supernatural power to do what you want me to do. Give me the strength to help others and make a positive impact in this world, help me to be the person you want me to be and show me what it is I can do to make a difference in this world. Help me to read the Bible and understand it, and please speak to me supernaturally so that I can understand your will for my life. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

The Jesuits control the Illuminati with Lucifer (Satan) and his demons

The below pyramid structure reveals the Luciferian illuminati pyramid structure. The organization is made up of both reptilian shapeshifter’s and regular human beings. Some reptilian shapeshifter’s are benevolent and we need to be aware that reptilians can be saved just as humans can be saved, by coming into the Super Intelligence (Holy Spirit) consciousness through faith in Jesus Christ. The Luciferian illuminati is ruled by the Jesuits through the Vatican which they completely control, the Jesuits also have full control of the Vatican’s Knight Orders which include: The Knights of Malta, Knights of Columbus etc. I believe the Jesuits are made up of both shapeshifting reptilians and human beings.

The various satanic occult groups discussed below are also made up of both shapeshifting reptilians and human beings. For more information on the reptilians and their origins, please click the link below titled “Alien Origins”.

“Alien Origins”

Readers should also take note that the Jesuits do not worship or follow Jesus, their secret symbol IHS, does not mean “in his service”, it is actually a secret satanic occult symbol, that indicates that they worship the devil and the Egyptian demon gods (The Jesuit symbol IHS= Isis, Horus and Set)

Lucifer (Satan) and his fallen angels (demons)



At the top of the Jesuit illuminati pyramid, we have the illustration of a pyramid capstone (left), with the all seeing eye upon it. This all seeing eye capstone represents Lucifer (also known as Satan) and the fallen angels, who have rebelled against Almighty God and Jesus Christ, and are seeking to oppose God and His Kingdom by building their own satanic Kingdom on earth, that is interconnected with the spiritual dimension they dwell in. The fallen angels (demons), can materialize in physical form and interact with their followers at various: occult lodges, covens and cults. Lucifer (Satan) is the ultimate leader of the Jesuit illuminati, and he has appointed various demons beneath his authority, to perform various duties for him or to instruct the human members of the Jesuit illuminati what his will is.



The white Jesuit Pope seeks world temporal power (rulership of all political and military powers worldwide), and world spiritual power (rulership over all religious groups worldwide). Pope Francis (aka: Jorge Mario Bergoglio) is Satan’s dark prince and physical ruler of the Jesuit illuminati. This man is Satan’s chosen antichrist who will unite all world religions, and command a military/religious world order on Satan’s behalf. When the UN take over the nations, this man will command the UN. This antichrist Pope seeks to steal the office of Jesus Christ,  by demanding to be worshipped as God and Jesus Christ, he already demands worship as a demigod at this point by claiming to be the vicar of Jesus Christ (a vicar is defined as being a substitute according to most dictionaries).

This demigod Jesuit Pope seeks to become a liberal Luciferian false Jesus god, who will fit into every religious philosophy of the world. He seeks to unite all religions under his authority by becoming the Christ for Christians, the Buddha for the Buddhists, the Mahdi for the Muslims, the Krishna for the Hindu’s and the occult prince for the witches. This multidimensional false Messiah, will seek to become the authority over all religions worldwide.



To the far left in the brown/gold cloak, is the current Jesuit General, Adolfo Nicholas. Next to Adolfo dressed in black, is Peter Hans Klovanbach. This man is the second Jesuit General presently serving in the Jesuit Order. Pope Francis, Adolfo and Peter Hans, make up the physical dimension unholy trinity, as they are the three principle representatives of Lucifer (Satan) on earth. Lucifer (Satan) is using this unholy trinity, to establish his one world religion and one world government here one earth.



The Jesuit soldiers serving the Jesuit Generals and Jesuit white Pope are master spies and assassins. When a Jesuit takes his fourth vow, he has to swear to murder and spy on behalf of the Pope. It should also be noted that the Jesuits are in full control of the Mafia and it’s associated gangs as well. The Jesuits use the Mafia to carry out some of its plots, and to control parts of the economy as well through threats, violence and murder. The Mafia gives most of it’s ill gotten gains to the Jesuits by depositing its proceeds in Vatican banks and into Jesuit charities. In David Yallop’s book “In God’s name”, it is well documented that the Vatican banks and it’s associate banks had links to mafia drug money. The Jesuit Order who are in control of all world military powers, import illegal drugs into countries on military aircraft’s from military base to military base. The Jesuit Order are the kingpins far above the Mafia Don’s. At their core, the Jesuits are Luciferian’s and Satanists. According to former Jesuit Alberto Rivera, the Jesuits hold regular Black Masses where they worship their true lord (Satan) or whom former Church of Satan vice president Michael Aquino calls “Set.”


The symbol to the left is the official Jesuit Symbol, which is also written on the Roman Catholic wafer biscuit, which is “IHS”, which the Jesuits claim means “in his service”, however the true meaning of this IHS symbol is “Isis, Horus and Set.” These are the names of egyptian demon gods, and Set is often used as another name for Satan, by many prominent Satanist’s such as Michael Aquino (founder of the temple of Set). The Jesuit symbol is actually a symbol for Satan and his demons, as these are the gods the Jesuits worship and whom they serve.

The Jesuits who are also in control of the worlds intelligence agencies, make up many members of the: CIA, NSA and other foreign intelligence agencies, we see this pattern by observing Jesuit Priest Avery Dulles whose uncle was director of the CIA. Jesuit associates and relatives always seem to suspiciously be in high level intelligence agency positions. These patterns also seem to confirm Branton’s belief’s, about the Jesuits controlling the international intelligence agencies and secret technology.

By dominating the worlds intelligence agencies, they can spy on whoever they want and plan assassinations, blackmail and coercion against anyone they wish to control. The Jesuits also control many worldwide religious groups which include: Roman Catholicism, Islam, many protestant denominations and a variety of New Age and occult groups. The Jesuits are also highly educated and can speak a variety of different languages, and can easily blend into various cultures, and place themselves in key positions so they can control that populace in that area. The Jesuit is a master spy and chameleon and can take the form of a: Islamic Imam, Protestant minister or missionary, businessman, police officer or politician, and you wouldn’t even know it was a Jesuit. According to former Jesuit Alberto Rivera, a Jesuit is often given a fake girlfriend to walk around with, so when undercover, nobody suspects them of being a Jesuit priest.

Underneath the Jesuit Order are a variety of interconnected Satanic cults, Luciferian occult groups, intelligence agencies, and other sympathetic organizations, that are working together to make the white Jesuit Pope king of the world government and world religion.

The church of Satan and Temple of Set can certainly be considered relative churches, as Michael Aquino used to be Vice President or second in command of the Church of Satan. According to my research the Jesuits are in control of the Temple of Set, and Michael Aquino was secretly submitted to the Jesuits, as the name of his satanic temple references “Set”, which is the last initial of the Jesuit symbol. Remember that the Jesuit symbol is IHS, which stands for: Isis, Horus and Set. In the past, FBI agent Ted Gunderson and another witness who appeared on the TV program America’s Most Wanted, have accused members of the Temple of Set of kidnapping children and forcing them to participate in Satanic Rituals that involved serious crimes.

Former leader of The Temple of Set was a high level NSA intelligence agent with top secret security clearance, and its obvious to assume that he had access to the underground tunnel networks, underground bases and advanced technology. These types of cult’s seem to be recruiting grounds for intelligence agents, who are given access to highly advanced technology, and they are also given security clearance, to enter the underground tunnel network connected by advanced underground speed trains. Members of all these cults become agents for the Jesuits, Lucifer and his demons.

The Rosicrucian Order  certainly has a history of being deeply involved with the founding of the German illuminati. Amorc is a secretive organization, that has a confirmed mix of reptilian shapeshifters and human beings who are members. According to my own research and the research of people such as Branton, AMORC has strong links to the Bavarian illuminati, and is very involved with the underground tunnel networks and secrettechnology in underground bases. AMORC promises its members supernatural powers such as invisibility and telekinesis. The Rosicrucian Order is also a place where women can have leadership roles, and it serves as an excellent base for the Jesuit’s to recruit female members seeking power and authority.

Misraim-Memphis Rite of Freemasonry.

Most people are not aware that Freemasonry goes up to the 99th degree. The highest Freemasonry degree is in the Misraim-Memphis Masonic Rite, where one can reach the 99th Masonic degree which is called “Grand Hierophant.”

As many are aware the Scottish Rite degrees of Freemasonry were written by the Jesuits from the Jesuit College of Clermont, and according to co-Mason and founder of the Theosophical Society, Helena Blavatsky, the Jesuits wrote all Luciferianized degree’s of Freemasonry which include the Misraim and Memphis Rite, although the Jesuits have tried to hide this by tampering with encyclopedia’s, and spreading disinfo, that the author of theMisraim-Memphis degree’s was an Italian General.

It’s well documented and logical to assume, that the Jesuits wrote all the degree’s of Freemasonry that go right up to the 99th degree. If the Jesuits wrote the Scottish Rite degree’s which is the Luciferianized branch of Freemasonry, then its logical that they continued writing the Luciferian degrees right up to the 99th degree. Blavatsky was a female Mason and has her own Masonic/Luciferian lodge (Blavatsky Lodge), and she clearly states that the Jesuits wrote the Masonic degrees.


The founder and so-called prophet of islam is Mohammad. Mohammad was trained by Roman Catholic monks, and according to former Jesuit Alberto Rivera, high level Vatican officials were responsible for the creation of Islam. Islam fits the Roman Catholic and Jesuit ideology perfectly, which is to kill anyone who does not agree to your doctrine or submit to it. The Islamic political system fits together with the fascist, communist, New World Order perfectly. You are going to see false prophets rise up from the New Age movement and out of the vatican, that are going to create a one world religion that fits in with: Islam, the Vatican and the New Age movement. A false Islamic prophet may rise up in the Middle East, he may even arrive in a spaceship or UFO, and he may claim to be an Islamic Messiah and unite the Muslims of the world with the Vatican. This false Islamic Messiah can then lead the Muslims to kill and behead anyone who does not submit to the New World Order or Pope.

In the below pictures the former Pope with an Islamic leader kissing the Koran. You are already seeing a movement in churches promoting the ideology called Chrislam, which is the merging of compromised Christianity with Islam (Biblical based Christianity would never do this. The Koran is a book of lies produced by the Vatican to attack Bible based Christianity). The Jesuits through supernatural witchcraft and advanced technology, can easily create a stunt in the Middle East, that portrays the coming of a stunning new Islamic leader with special powers and supernatural charisma. Through clever philosophy the Jesuits can then use this leader to bring Islam together with the Vatican and New Age movement religion. Your going to see all religions merge as stunning false prophets with supernatural demonic powers, rise up all over the world and unite under the United Nations.

The ruler of Islam’s Holy site Mecca and Saudi Arabia, meets with his master the white Pope who is controlled by the Jesuits. Just as the Jesuits control Freemasonry and Islamic Shriner Freemasonry, they also conrol the Islamic Middle Eastern leaders and Islamic groups.


One should also note that during the Spanish civil war when the protestants started revolting against the Roman Catholic church, the Vatican called in Islamic mercenaries who fought against Spanish Protestants under the flag of the Vatican. In the future, when Bible based protestant Christians refuse to submit to the one world religion and Jesuit Pope, your going to see a similar situation where the Pope will use Islamic mercenaries to murder Christians who will not submit. Islam’s doctrine of killing heretics is identical to Vatican canon law, and the Jesuit doctrines of killing people who will not submit to them.

Islam is another false New Age religion created by the Vatican to control large populations through a fascist style government (Shariah law). If a nation comes under Islamic Shariah law, the leaders of the nation can imprison and execute anyone they want without a trial. Islamic leaders can also call for violence and murder against any person or group they do not like, regardless if the person or group has done any real wrong doing.

Under Islam, your living under an oppressive ruler who uses Shariah law to rob your money through excessive taxes, and an ideology that gives leaders a right to do anything to you without a fair trial. Under Islamic rule, you literally have no religious or spiritual rights, and if your seen carrying a Bible in places like Saudi Arabia, you can get in much trouble or violently punished. Saudi Arabia could be compared with a hardcore communist regime where rights and freedoms are non existent, and it could also be compared to the Vatican supremacy years, when the Pope: burned, beheaded and killed anyone who followed the written Bible and not the Popes words.

The only nations to ever have rights and true freedoms have been Protestant Christian nations who followed the Holy Bible. Switzerland and the USA are the two freest nations on earth, and both these nations have a strong protestant Bible based foundation. In Protestant Christian based nations, freedom and liberty is there, because they had the truth to guide them, and the spiritual truth’s to lead them into freedom and protect them from oppression.

The Jesuit-Nazi Political Conspiracy

- March 17, 2018

I have written a number of articles which document very well how the emerging New World Order and Illuminati are a creation of the Jesuit Order. The Jesuit Order were also responsible for creating the: Nazi Socialist Party, Nazi SS and the Nazi Gestapo. The rise of Nazism and Adolf Hitler in Germany was planned and propelled by the Jesuit Order.

The Nazi SS was built and structured like the Jesuit Order. Heinrich Himmler (Nazi SS leader) copied the spiritual exercises of Ignatius Loyola (founder of the Jesuit Order) for training his SS elite in Nazi colleges. The highest level Nazi intelligence officers were members of the Thule Society, a secret occult society most likely created and supervised by the Jesuit Order. According to some experts, the Nazi SS itself, was directed by the Jesuit Order at its inner core. Adolf Hitler himself referred to Heinrich Himmler as his Ignatius Loyola.

The Thule Society was a secret occult society that was part of the Illuminati (the Illuminati itself is made up of numerous international secret occult groups). An inner core part of the Thule society was the Vril Society and according to Wikipedia, the Vril Society had a relationship with the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is a primarily British organisation, and comprises of extremely high level Illuminati members. Despite the war between England and Nazi Germany, these occult elitists maintained cordial relationships while commoners were slaughtered on both sides.

The Jesuit Order who controlled both the Thule Society and Golden Dawn, used the war to exterminate as many Jews and Biblical Protestants as they could (English and Germans). Occult elitists in Nazi Germany were given safe passage by the allies (controlled by the Jesuits and Illuminati) to escape, and some Nazi’s were even absorbed into the allied military intelligence sectors. According to the grand daughter of a former Nazi concentration camp guard, many elite Nazi’s changed their names and became politicians in countries like Australia. Operation Paperclip in the United States absorbed large numbers of Nazi scientists and officers into the: CIA, NSA and US Military Intelligence sectors.

“Eventually over 3000 Nazi S.S. agents entered the U.S. in this manner. NOT former Nazi’s but ACTIVE Nazi SS who still maintained the national socialist philosophy and agendas which they intended to carry through on to their planned conclusion. They were given refuge within the military-industrial complex with the help of members of the Bavarian-based black gnostic — serpent worshipping — lodges in America, such as the Jesuit-spawned Scottish Rite and related lodges who control the oil-military-industrial complex. The leaders of the Military-Industrial Complex or M.I.C. not only gave these fascists refuge following the war, but also had financed the Nazi war machine itself during the second world war. – Branton, The Dulce Book).

The comments from Branton above are intriguing and seem consistent with the testimony of the offspring of Nazi elite who immigrated to the US and Australia. Its also worth noting that the Bush political family have strong Nazi links. Prescott Bush (the father of George H W Bush) was a business partner of a well known Nazi steel tycoon named Fritz Thyssen. Thyssen was instrumental in the uprising of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi war machine. Fritz Thyssen actually funded Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

The Guardian Newspaper had this to say about Precott Bush:

“George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany…The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism.” (The Guardian)

Other Nazi’s absorbed into the US military intelligence network were Nazi scientists. Many Nazi scientists who had developed anti-gravity flying saucers in Germany were brought to America to continue their work. This may be why there is such a strong Nazi presence and influence within the secret military installations in the US (Dulce Base etc). Former Mi6 contractor and American soldier, James Casbolt (mind controlled super soldier), claims he was trained by Nazi’s at a Canadian military base.

Casbolt also claims he was indoctrinated with Nazi philosophies and trained to help usher in the Nazi fourth Reich. I have spoken with other mind controlled security operatives who guarded secret military bases (which involved anti-gravity flying saucers), and they also stated they were forced to watch Adolf Hitler speeches on a television as part of their training. Notorious Nazi scientist, Dr Joseph Mengele, is also reported as being a key mind control programmer within the CIA and Illuminati. The MKULTRA and Monarch mind control programs in the CIA, were mainly based on Nazi mind control research conducted at Nazi concentration camps by Nazi scientists such as Mengele.

Dr Mengele worked at Auschwitz in Germany and was an SS captain and physician. According to my research, Dr Mengele lived in Paraguay, but was also flown to military installations in the US (among other countries) to conduct mind control experiments for secret CIA departments. Dr Mengele would have been protected by the strong Jesuit intelligence network within South America, and would have been given protected travel around the world by the occult secret societies embedded within the US military intelligence network.

“Josef Mengele, a notorious Nazi death camp doctor and until now a naturalized citizen of Paraguay, still spends much of his time there, according to sources in the Israeli community here…He lived openly in Bavaria until the early 1950s when he traveled to Argentina where the late Gen. Juan D. Peron had offered asylum to a host of Nazis on the run…Mengele continued to live under his own name here until the mid-1960s, representing Karl Mengele & Sons, a Bavarian farm machinery firm managed by his brother. But he took the precaution of acquiring Paraguayan citizenship after a West German court issued a warrant for his arrest in July 1959.” (Washington Post, 1979)

The Washington Post story on Mengele is curious. It seems Mengele was protected in Bavaria by the Bavarian Illuminati after the war (as he lived in Bavaria openly), and then he went to live in Paraguay after things become too hot for him in Europe. It seems as though Mengele always seemed to evade capture, as he was probably too valuable to the Jesuit Order and Illuminati for them to give him up. Mengele had extensive knowledge on trauma based mind control which he had perfected in Nazi concentration camps on human subjects (many of whom died at his hands).

This trauma based mind control would form the basis of a mind controlled army (mind controlled fifth column) that would be embedded in American politics and the American intelligence network (in addition to most other countries worldwide). Paul Bonacci (a teenage homosexual prostitute) was the victim of such programming which was perfected by the Jesuit Order and Mengele. Bonacci was programmed by Michael Aquino in the CIA Monarch program through Jesuit/Nazi techniques. Bonacci was a mind controlled Manchurian candidate who was used for a variety of purposes which included: military super soldier missions, homosexual child prostitution, child snuff films, satanic rituals, assisting CIA/NSA operatives in kidnapping children (The CIA program called “The Finders” was a CIA group that specialised in kidnapping children) and Bonacci was eventually going to be put into congress as a politician.

Due to Bonacci being under the complete control of the Jesuits and Michael Aquino through mind control, the Temple of Set and Jesuit Order would have another mind controlled politician at their disposal in congress; all they would have to do was program him to do their bidding in congress (Jesuit/Nazi mind control allows handlers to completely control the minds and actions of their subjects). Paul Bonacci actually went public with what certain departments in the CIA did to him, and former Nebraska Senator John DeCamp helped Bonacci win a $1,000,000 court settlement, because of the mind control and Nazi torture Bonacci endured. Former CIA director, William Colby, died in a suspicious canoe accident after he began investigating Bonacci’s claims. Former Senator, John DeCamp, believed that Colby’s death was an assassination made to look like an accident. John DeCamp was a long term friend of Colby, and when he advised Colby of Bonnaci’s claims, Colby advised DeCamp that it was dangerous to look into such things.

It seemed Colby knew that a secret shadow group was controlling large parts of the CIA. According to Branton, a group known as Aquarius has taken over large parts of the CIA and NSA. The Aquarius group is most definitely made up of various interlocking secret societies controlled by the Jesuit Order (The Temple of Set is definitely one of these groups in addition to various Nazi sympathizers). Senator Loran Schmidt of Nebraska hired an independent investigator named Gary Caradori to investigate Bonacci’s claims of: CIA mind control, CIA child kidnapping, child snuff films etc, and after Caradori began collecting evidence he died in a suspicious aeroplane explosion. Former FBI regional chief, Ted Gunderson, believes Caradori was assasinated. According to researchers, the Aquarius group (controls much of the NSA/CIA) is seeking to turn the United States into a fascist non-libertarian dictatorship submitted to the United Nations.

According to Branton, elements within US Naval intelligence have been leaking information and exposing the Aquarius group who control much of the CIA/NSA. There is allegedly a group in US Naval Intelligence who want to preserve the constitutional values and sovereignty of the United States, as opposed to the world government the black nobility want to bring the US into. This could possibly be true, as William Cooper (former Naval Intelligence officer) wrote documentation and gave talks, about a secret group attempting to take over the United States through secret societies and flying saucers.

Former Navy Seal and Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, is well aware that there is a shadow government made up of secret societies attempting to take over and destroy the United States. Jesse Ventura even had his own conspiracy TV show at one point, and investigated the disturbing mural at Denver airport. It should be noted though that its possible Naval intelligence isn’t fully aware that the Jesuits are controlling the shadow government and secret societies from behind the scenes. The Jesuits insulate themselves very well within the secret societies they control, and try to work as deeply within the shadows as they can.

Its also worth noting that the Bush family have a history of being members of the Skull and Bones society at Yale University. The Skull and Bones society is confirmed to be a Jesuit/Satanic/occult secret society similar to the Thule Society (German occult society for Nazi intelligence). Its also been suggested by some researchers that the Thule Society and Skull and Bones were in contact with each other (this seems feasible due to Prescott Bush’s Nazi connections).

Other notable members of the Skull and Bones society include Chairman Mao who founded the communist Chinese party which still rules China today. The Chinese communist revolution saw millions slaughtered including many innocents. Skull and Bones produces fascist government leaders and fascist government operatives who are submitted to the Jesuit Order and Illuminati. It seems to be a Nazi national socialist and Marxist Communist training centre, that equips future leaders on how to manage and manipulate the world Jesuit empire.

“See, sir, from this chamber I govern not only to Paris, but to China, not only to China, but to all the world, without any one to know how I do it.” Michaelangelo Tamburini 14th Jesuit General, 1706-1730

The Jesuit Order also direct a communist organisation in Chicago called the Gamaliel Foundation which is an American communist revolutionary group. A Jesuit named Greg Galuzzo is a former director of this group, and the group produced literature which included a plan on how to foment a communist revolution within the United States. Part of this groups objective was to disarm the American population, so that the Jesuits could implement their holocaust and inquisition through their communist/Nazi socialist agents in America. The Gamaliel Foundation trained President Obama in communist tactics.

Karl Marx was no doubt a Jesuit agent. I think a lot of these mass shooting sprees are carried out by mind controlled patsy’s controlled by the Jesuit Order, and in many cases these patsy’s are assisted by super soldier black ops operatives. The recent Florida shooting in the United States allegedly only involved one shooter according to mainstream media reports, but a number of witnesses have testified that there was more than one shooter. These mass school shootings will serve as an excuse to erase the second amendment, and we must remember that the abolishment of firearms was a key part of starting the holocaust in Nazi Germany.

When and if a “U.N. Police Action” is taken against America, the first order of business will be to confiscate all personal weapons (take away the right to bear arms — in fact the Gun Control Act of 1968 was lifted in its entirety from the Nazi Weapons Law of 1938, which was supposed to curb “gang activity” between Nazi and Communist Party thugs). (-Branton, Underground Nazi Invasion)

Jesuit groups like Skull and Bones in the United States are pushing Marxist communist and Nazi national socialism ideologies in the United States to bring the US in line with a UN fascist world government. They are also training fascist leaders on American soil and sending them overseas to run countries for them (Chairman Mao etc). The one world UN government will probably be a mixture of Nazi socialism and Communism with regard to its political ideology, and the climate change treaties and gun treaties may be enforced by UN troops on American soil. Some US politicians (Jesuit controlled) are already calling for UN troops to police Chicago’s streets. Chairman Mao of China would have had to kiss the slipper of the Pope at the Skull and Bones Society (in submission to the Jesuit controlled Pope), and also chant devil equals death while pledging allegiance to the group.

Researchers such as Eric Jon Phelps have suggested that there is a secret department in the NSA that tracks Jews, and will be used to coordinate a second holocaust against Jews in the United States. Although some people might think this is ridiculous (I too thought this was a bit far fetched when I first heard it), it should be noted that the Temple of Set occult group in the United States controls a large part of the NSA. The Temple of Set is definitely a Nazi occult group similar to the Thule Society. The former leader of The Temple of Set, Michael Aquino, was a high level NSA officer who owned Heinrich Himmler’s occult ceremonial dagger.

Aquino has been caught on film explaining how he owns Heinrich Himmler’s ceremonial dagger, and how he travels to Germany to hold black magic Nazi rituals at Heinrich Himmler’s former office. Aquino seems to want to summon the spiritual power of the Nazi’s so he too can slaughter Jews and other innocents, so he can fulfil his religious goals of being the anti-thesis of scripture (old and new testament of the Bible). These interlocking secret societies that form the Illuminati are instructed to live as opposites. They oppose their very consciences and Judeao/Christian principles to do evil rather than good. They worship evil and a dark entity known as Lucifer.

Below is a video of former NSA officer Michael Aquino explaining how he owns Heinrich Himmlers ceremonial dagger, and how he summons Nazi powers at former Nazi headquarters in Germany.

Video of former NSA officer Michael Aquino

This proves to me that the Temple of Set is most likely an offshoot of the Thule Society and Vril Society, and is being used to raise up a Nazi Socialist army through the NSA that will persecute Jews and other innocents (Biblical based reformed protestant Christians, patriots etc). High level military personnel assisted Michael Aquino in setting up the Temple of Set, and Aquino recruited Temple of Set members into the NSA and military intelligence network. According to former CIA asset Cathy o’brien, Aquino is controlled by the Jesuit Order which means the Jesuits may be attempting to repeat the history of Nazi Germany in the United States.

If you observe the Denver airport mural in Denver Colorado, it clearly illustrates a coming Nazi/Islamic led persecution of Jews and Christians in the United States (Nazism in Germany was allied with radical Islam), which results in the death of Christianity and Judaism (It shows a picture of a girl in a coffin holding a Bible and wearing a Jewish star. This Jewish star badge was the same badge Jews were required to wear in Nazi Germany. In the picture you can also see a letter written by a holocaust survivor). The Denver airport has a strong Scottish Rite/Masonic foundation (Scottish Rite Freemasonry is a creation of the Jesuit Order), so it seems logical to me, that the Denver airport mural is the Jesuits cryptically revealing their plans.

I am not suggesting that all Scottish Rite Freemasons are bad people, I have happened to know some fantastic Freemasons, but Scottish Rite Freemasonry at its core is controlled by the Jesuit Order and Satanic Illuminati. Many Freemasons have no idea what goes on in many of their lodges (Satanic rituals, world government conspiracy etc). The Jesuit Order uses Masonic lodges to control and manipulate people for their agenda, and to insulate their Satanists with decent people (decent people who join the Masons to broaden their social and business circle). The Jesuits also use Masonic Lodges to spy on people they see as a threat (keep your friends close, but your enemies closer).

                                                         Denver Airport 2

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FACING AMERICANS TODAY!   Issue # 77 // April 22, 2006 // Editor: Darryl Eberhart  (Updated through: April 19,2007)  

“THE CONSPIRACY”   (Making It Appear “Jewish”)  

NOTE: All emphasis throughout this newsletter, unless otherwise noted, is by the editor of “Tackling the Tough Topics (TTT)   WARNING: This TTT newsletter may seriously “disturb” some folks’ “comfort zones”-, however, TRUTH is far more important than any of our “comfort zones ”.  

DEFINITIONS (hopefully in alphabetical order):  

“Black Pope” (per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of TTT): “An Italian nickname for the Jesuit Superior General: He is the commander-in-chief of the ‘Society of Jesus ’ (i.e., the Jesuit Order). He is the real power ‘behind the throne ’ of the Papacy; and he is also the master of all these: his Jesuit order, the Knights of Malta, and the highest levels of Freemasonry - and of all that he controls through them. ”   “Bolshevik” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition-, 1974): “1. Originally, a member of the majority faction (Bolsheviki) of the Social Democratic Party of Russia, which formed the Communist Party after seizing power in the [October] 1917 Revolution. 2. A Communist, especially of the Soviet Union,.. ”   “Front” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition-, 1974): (Meaning #15): “A person or group used to coyer or obscure the activity or objectives of another controlling person or group. ”

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“Illuminati ” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary ): “1. People who have, or profess to have, special intellectual or spiritual enlightenment. 2. Any of various societies, usually secret, composed of such people. ”   ((Ed. Comment to the preceding definition: The modem version of the Illuminati was formed on May 1, 1776 by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt, who taught Roman Catholic Canon Law at Jesuit Ingolstadt University in Bavaria (in southern Germany). Adam Weishaupt pretended to leave the Jesuit Order (i.e., he was “sheep dipped ” - see definition of “sheep dipping” listed later in this section of the newsletter) so that he could set up a front group called the Illuminati (that the Jesuits could use for their own purposes).

This Jesuit front group, the Illuminati, planned, fomented, and orchestrated the bloody French Revolution of 1789-1799. Thus, by using this “front group”, the Jesuit Order was given a great degree of “plausible deniability” as to its role in the French Revolution.))   “Jesuit Order” (per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of TTT): “The Jesuit Order is a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church, officially approved by Pope Paul III in 1540. The primary goals of this order are (1) to roll back the Protestant Reformation and the freedoms that it brought to many of the inhabitants of this planet; (2) to enhance the power and prestige of the Papacy; and (3) to rule despotically over the governments of the world through the Papacy. The head of the Jesuit Order is the Jesuit Superior General - the ‘Black Pope ’ - the real power behind the Papal throne.

The Jesuit Order is infamous for fomenting revolutions and wars, assassinating heads of State, and subverting nations. ”   “Jew” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary): “l.A person descended, or regarded as descended, from the ancient Hebrews of Biblical times. 2. A person whose religion is Judaism.” (See also the entry “ The Jews”.)   “Knights of Malta” (per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of TTT): “A Roman Catholic religious-military order headquartered in Rome with, and under the command of, the Jesuit Superior General. Much of the wealth of the Knights Templar, when it was disbanded in 1312, was given to the Knights of Malta. Many Knights of Malta have held top-level positions in various governments, in the world’s foremost intelligence agencies, in international banking, and in the publishing world. ”

“P2 (or P-2) Masonry ” (per John Daniel, author of The Grand Design Exposed ) : “There is a Masonic, Propaganda group, number two...known as the P-2 Club’, with its headquarters being in Rome . ...The P-2 Club is a propaganda society of the world’s elite which includes high-ranking Roman Catholic prelates and, of course, Jesuits . ” (The Grand, Design Exposed; , 1999; Page 169)   ((Ed. Comment to the preceding definition: P2 Masonry had its fingerprints all over the murder of Pope John Paul I, who was poisoned to death in 1978 before he could implement his plans to “clean house” at the Vatican and at the Vatican bank. He had learned that many top-level Roman Catholic prelates were high-level Masons , and had made plans to remove them from power.                

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If you doubt that Pope John Paul I was murdered, then I suggest that you read the book The Murder of John Paul L by Vance Ferrell. This book is $6.50 postpaid. It provides very strong evidence that Pope John Paul I was murdered by his Masonic enemies inside the Vatican. To order a copy, please make check or money order payable to “Harvestime Books” and mail it to: Harvestime Books // P.O. Box 300 // Altamont, TN 37301. To order by credit card, please call 1-931-692-2777.))   “Papacy” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary, Second College Edition; 1974): “

1. The position, authority, or rank of the pope. 2. The period of time during which a pope rules. 3. The succession of popes; popes collectively. 4 . The government of the Roman Catholic Church, headed by the Pope.”   “Papal Rome” (per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of TTT): “The government °f the Roman Catholic Church, whose headquarters is presently in Rome, Italy. ”   “Red Herring” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary ): (Meaning #2): “Something used to divert attention from the basic issue. ”   “Scapegoat” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary ): (Meaning #2): “A person, group, or thing upon whom the blame for the mistakes or crimes of others is thrust. ”   “Sheep dipping” (per Craig Roberts, author of The Medusa File) :

“An individual who was ‘sheep- dipped’ was discharged from the military ‘on paper’, but during his absence his time in grade, promotions, retirement years and other perks continued just as if he had never left the service. After sen’ing with the CIA, the person could return to his regular branch [of military service] and continue just as if he had never left. ...During the Cold War, and later Vietnam, it [i.e., sheep dipping] was done to provide the CIA - by now referred to as ‘the Company ’ because of the number of contract agents being handled - with a system of ‘Plausible Deniability ’. ” (The Medusa File; , 1997; Page 160)   ((Ed. Comment to the preceding definition: Papa!

Rome has done the same thing for centuries through Jesuits and other Roman Catholic priests who pretend to leave their order or the Church, and who then infiltrate governments, publishing companies, newspapers, various denominations and seminaries, revolutionary movements, etc., in order to “steer” them in the direction that the Vatican (or the Jesuit Superior General) desires! Jesuit Adam Weishaupt (who taught Roman Catholic Canon Law at Jesuit Ingolstadt University in Bavaria) is a classic example of Jesuit “sheep dipping”. He pretended to leave the Jesuit Order (i.e., he was “sheep dipped”) in order to set up a front group called the Illuminati on May 1, 1776 that the Jesuits could use for their own sinister purposes. This Jesuit front group, the Illuminati, fomented and orchestrated the bloody French Revolution of 1789- 1799, and then took the blame for the carnage that followed. Thus, the Jesuit Order was given a great degree of “plausible deniability ” as to its role in causing this bloody revolution.))

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“Smoke screen ” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary ): (Meaning #2): “Anything said or done to conceal or mislead. ”   “The Jews ” (per a certain segment of both the patriot movement and the “alternative media”): “The group of power brokers [allegedly! running the world, the USA, and the New World Order — made up of Zionists, Jewish neo-conservatives in the current U.S. Administration, Israel, the Mossad, Jewish Masons, and Jewish bankers. ” (NOTE: The term “the Jews ”, when used in this context, is being used as a cover - as a front - to create a smokescreen - to throw out a “red herring ” - so as to divert attention away from the real powers [i.e.. Papal Rome and the Jesuits] who are operating “behind the scenes ”.)  

“The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion” (per Leo H. Lehmann, author of Behind the Dictators) '. “Although first published in Russia in 1903, ‘The Protocols of Zion’ had their origin in France, and date from the Dreyfus Affair, of which the Jesuits were the chief instigators. ...These ‘Protocols ’ of supposedly Jewish leaders are not the first documents of their kind fabricated by the Jesuits. ” (,Behind the Dictators : 1942; Page 15)   “Vatican” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary; Second College Edition; 1974): “1. The papal palace, consisting of a group of buildings in Vatican City. 2. The papal government or authority.”   “Zionism” (per Webster’s New World Dictionary): “A movement formerly for reestablishing, now for supporting, the Jewish national state of Israel.”  

“Zionist” (per Darryl Eberhart, Editor of TTT): “A member of the Zionist movement (i.e., Zionism) that supports the Jewish national state of Israel.”   IMPORTANT NOTE #1: I am not a Roman Catholic; I also most definitely am not anti-Roman Catholic as far as individual Roman Catholics go. My dad and 90% of my relatives are Roman Catholic; and the majority of my friends are Roman Catholic. I am, however, against the top levels of secret societies (from the hierarchy of the Jesuit Order to the hierarchy of Freemasonry). This is because these secret societies control the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church (through the Jesuit Order and P2 Masonry), and have often used this hierarchical system for evU purposes, such as “holy” Inquisition, “holy” crusades, “holy” wars, and religious genocide.

The hierarchical system of the Roman Catholic Church is used quite effectively by secret societies not only to keep over one billion Roman Catholics “in line”, but also to gather intelligence, and to infiltrate (through its Knights of Malta, Jesuit “temporal coadjutors ”, etc.) governments and various Christian denominations. I am also against any religious hierarchy that tries to place itself equal to, or above, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God - or equal to, or above, God’s Holy Word (i.e., the Holy Bible)!                        

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IMPORTANT NOTE #2: We can no longer afford to REMAIN SILENT on critical issues for fear of offending any particular group - in this case, Roman Catholics. Please carefully consider this quote by author Dave Hunt: “We are told to love one another as Christ has loved us. Pop psychology trivializes that command by equating it with a ‘positive ’ attitude. Forgotten is the first duty of love: to speak the truth (Ephesians 4:15). Real love does not flatter or soothe when correction is needed but [rather] points out the error which is blinding and harming the loved one. Christ said, ‘As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten; be zealous, therefore, and repent’ (Revelation 3:19).

Instead, the idea is now current that love excludes rebuke, ignores the truth, and seeks unity at any price . Only disaster can result. ” (A Woman Rides the Beast ; 1994; Page 403)   Why Am I Writing More & More About Roman Catholicism?   Editor of TTT has been writing more on Papal Rome , and especially the Jesuit Order, in recent newsletters because I keep uncovering more about the deep hatred that Papal Rome has for independent Bible-believing Christians, Protestants, Orthodox Christians, and Jews. We Americans have, for the most part, been largely ignorant of the well-documented history of Papal Rome in conducting brutal religious genocide (via Inquisition, “holy” wars, and “holy” crusades) against all the afore-mentioned groups. Sadly, many Americans believe the “ecumenical rhetoric ” of Roman Catholic prelates - i.e., that Papal Rome has “changed her ways” and now loves all the “separated brethren

However, my study of the Papacy shows me that this is just a RUSE [i.e., a “stratagem ” - per Webster’s Dictionary: “any trick or scheme for achieving some purpose ”]. The “ purpose ” is to bring all Christian denominations under the control of the Pa pacy !   Yes, the Papacy [i.e.. Papal Rome], despite its “ecumenical rhetoric”, has not changed a bit over the many centuries in the following categories:   • Its deep hatred of Jews, all independent Bible-believing Christians, Protestants, and Orthodox Christians (as recently as the 1940s we find Roman Catholic Ustashi military units in Croatia, led and urged on by Franciscan priests, monks, and friars, slaughtering from 600,000 to one million innocent Serb Orthodox Christian men, women, elderly, and children - many of the victims being first brutally tortured);  •

Its long-held dream to bring all Christians under its monopolistic, totalitarian, ecclesiastical control;  • Its long-held dream to head up a totalitarian one-world religious organization ; and,  • Its long-held dream to bring all world leaders - especially those in “Christian” countries - under the temporal power of the pope . (That is, the Papacy would be the top player and “controller” in a one-world government - just as it was the top player and controller on the European continent for many centuries! Kings indeed bowed before popes.)                      

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Power - absolute power - has long been the pursuit of Papal Rome. History has recorded Papal Rome's deep hatred for religious liberty and freedom of conscience. The U.S. Constitution, with its “Bill of Rights ” guaranteeing such liberties, has long been hated by Papal Rome. (For a good example of this hatred, please read the Syllabus of Errors issued in 1864 by Pope Pius IX.) I have heard that there is an acronym in use by some Knights of Columbus in America. This acronym is “M.A.C. “Make America Catholic ”. America is the last “roadblock” in the way of Papal Rome and her globalist rich and power elite lackeys in their quest for one-world government and one-world religion .

Is America scheduled for a religious genocide - an Inquisition - as occurred in the 1940s in Croatia? I believe the danger is very real and possibly quite imminent - and that is why I have been writing more and more about Papal Rome , her long-held dreams of world domination, her love of Fascist regimes, and her well-documented history of torture and religious genocide!   HERE ARE SOME INTERESTING (AND VERY RELEVANT) QUOTES:   “He [Ed. Note: Professor Carroll Quigley, author of the book Tragedy and Hope 1 tells us how banking influences what is going on, because all these organizations [i.e., covert organizations and secret societies] tie into banking - and the secret organizations tie into hazard Brothers [i.e., Lazard Freres], And, or course, most people think that [i.e., Lazard Brothers] is a Jewish organization. It is not Jewish at all.

They push forward the Jewish bankers to conceal what these people are really doing. And, of course, we could go back in history, and we would find that the same forces that were tied into this group were instrumental in creating the ‘Protocols [of Zion] which were instrumental for the vicious persecution of Jews in both Russia and Germany. And the Jews have been pushed forward to be the scapegoats while people never were allowed to know who was really running things behind the scenes .  So, let’s listen to what Professor Carroll Quigley says about international finance, which, incidentally, is NOT Jewish. ” (12-29-1994)  Dr. Stanley Monteith (Author; host of the “Radio Liberty" broadcast)   “Actually, nobody has a right to be more angry at the Rothschild clique than their fellow Jews. The Warburgs, part of the Rothschild empire, helped finance Adolph Hitler .

There were few if any Rothschilds or Warburgs in the Nazi prison camps! They sat out the war in luxurious hotels in Paris or emigrated to the United States or England. As a group, Jews have suffered most at the hands of these power seekers. A Rothschild has much more in common with a Rockefeller than he does with a [Jewish] tailor from Budapest or the Brora. ”  Gary Allen (None Dare Call It Conspiracy; , 1971; Page 40)   “ Why would the Jesuits use their implacable enemy, the Jews, to further their designs for world dominion? The Jesuits never do anything out in the open where they can be exposed. If they are recognized as the culprits, they will be blamed and suffer the consequences, but if they can use someone else as the ‘cause of the world’s problems’, especially an enemy they can destroy in the process, then they have simultaneously accomplished two of their objectives. The Jewish people are the perfect, scapegoat .                

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Since the Rothschilds are Jesuit agents operating under a Jewish cover, using them in forming the Illuminati back in 1776 effectively throws the onus of this conspiracy on the Jews. The Rothschilds are certainly not the only Jesuit agents that operate under a Jewish front . ”  Bill Hughes (The Enemy Unmasked 2004; Pages 29, 30)   “International finance and banking are NOT primarily ‘Jewish ’. Many of the most powerful banking interests in the world are run by ‘Gentiles ’. One of the most powerful forces in international banking is the Knights of Malta, a Roman Catholic religious-military order controlled by the Jesuit Superior General.

Sadly, even a certain segment of the ‘alternative media ’ helps to propagate the LIE that ‘the Jews’ run international banking. Interestingly, one of the titles of the Rothschild banking dynasty is ‘Guardians of the Vatican Treasury \ ‘The Jews ’, as a people, have been used for centuries as a ‘scapegoat’ by these international banksters and their secret societies, such as the Jesuit-controlled Knights of Malta. To label ‘the Jews’ as running banking, Hollywood, etc, is to throw out the proverbial ‘ red herring ’ designed to throw us off the scent of the ‘ real controllers ’. ” - Darryl Eberhart (Editor of “Tackling the Tough Topics ” and “Examining the Tough Issues January 28, 2006)   “...Some sincere people believe that the Jews, or the Jewish bankers, are behind the world conspiracy.

There are many clues that lead people to that conclusion, but I can assure you that the evidence has been planted to divert attention away from the truth . That is not to say there are no people of Jewish extraction within the Brotherhood, but those who support the movement have renounced their belief in Judaism, and worship a different god. Anti-Semitism is a trap that has been baited to lead, us away from the truth . ”  Dr. Stanley Monteith (. Brotherhood of Darkness ; 2000; Pages 58, 59)   “A number of convincing arguments are made to convince us that the Jews, or the Jewish bankers, are our enemy. The first is: ‘Many of the Bolsheviks were Jews, and almost all of the original members of Lenin’s Politburo [Ed. Note: the executive committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union] were Jews’. There are several valid responses to that charge:  •

1. Although many of Lenin’s followers were Jews, all but one of them [i.e., the top-level Jews who were leaders in the Bolshevik Revolution] were subsequently executed . and that’s a poor way to reward Jews if they were the force behind the Bolshevik Revolution. Leon Trotsky was Jewish. He was tracked down in Mexico, and brutally, murdered .  • 2. All but one of Jesus ’ original disciples were JewSj but does that make Christianity a Jewish conspiracy? [Ed. Note: All V2 original disciples were “Jews” (from a “ religious standpoint”) at the time they were chosen by Jesus Christ; 11 were from Galilee, and one (Judas) was from Judea.]  • 3. ...[Author Antony Sutton] noted that many Englishmen fought on our [the American] side during the Revolutionary War, but that didn’t make the Revolutionary War an English war. ”  Dr. Stanley Monteith (Brotherhood, of Darkness; , 2000; Page 59)                    

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“Another argument [made to convince us that the Jews, or the Jewish bankers, are our enemy] is that Winston Churchill exposed the Zionist plot behind Bolshevism. The response:  Although Winston Churchill did write an article in ‘The London Illustrated Sunday Herald’ in 1920 claiming that Zionism was the force behind Bolshevism, the response from the world media was very strange. Most people who have attacked Zionism have been vilified, but Churchill always had favorable press coverage. Was that because he was part of the Brotherhood, and his article was an attempt to shift responsibility for the Russian Revolution to the Jews?”  

Dr. Stanley Monteith (Brotherhood of Darkness : 2000; Pages 59, 60)   ((Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: Churchill was a high-level Mason and a Druid priest who helped prod the USA into both World War I and II. Dee Zahner, author of The Secret Side of History , states in that book: “To get the United States to declare war on Germany, [President Woodrow] Wilson contrived with Winston Churchill for the sinking of the Lusitania.”))   “Another point [that] is made [to convince us that the Jews, or the Jewish bankers, are our enemy is] that Jacob Schiff provided $20 million to finance the Bolshevik Revolution. ...Did Jacob Schiff really help the Bolsheviks ? Because of the progressive dumbing-down of our people, most Americans don t realize that there were two Russian revolutions.

The first revolution was in March 1917 (or February if you use the old Russian calendar) ; the second [Russian Revolution] was in October of that same year. ...The March [1917] revolution began in St. Petersburg when a contingent of military recruits refused to fire on anti-government demonstrators. ...The Czar was forced to abdicate. Alexander Kerensky was chosen to lead Russia until elections could be held. When it became obvious that he intended to continue the war, the German High Command approached Lenin, who was living in Switzerland. ...They offered him money and transportation to go to Russia to overthrow Kerensky.  ...During World War I, the American State Department was responsible for collecting intelligence information. Their files confirm the fact that Jacob Schiff opposed the czar, and after Kerensky had taken power, Jacob Schiff sent Kerensky a telegram congratulating him - but the Bolshevik Revolution didn’t take place until seven months later . ...

When he [i.e., author Antony Sutton] examined the State Department’s intelligence files, he found evidence that Jacob Schiff opposed the Bolsheviks, and encouraged our State Department to oppose them.  ...The document [i.e., ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion ’] first appeared in Russia in 1905; it claimed that Zionists were behind the wars and revolutions of the 19 th century, and planned to seize control of the world. Many Russians believed ‘The Protocols ’, and they began to persecute the Jews and [to] destroy their property. When the czar refused to intervene, Jacob Schiff began plotting to depose him.

He provided revolutionary literature to the Russian soldiers captured by the Japanese during the Russo-Japanese War in 1905...It is even possible that some of the soldiers who participated in the March [1917] revolution read Jacob Schiff’s literature, so he may have played a part in inciting the March [1917] revolution, but that was not the Bolshevik Revolution [which occurred seven months later! . When Antony Sutton researched the State Department intelligence files, he found documents showing that English and Anierican financiers provided funding for the Bolsheviks, but that fact is never mentioned today. Could it be that the story of Jacob Schiff,s [alleged] $20 million gift to the Bolsheviks was contrived to divert attention away from the real source of their funding?            

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”Dr. Stanley Monteith {Brotherhood^ of Darkness : 2000; Pages 60-62)   “ ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion ’ were circulated throughout Europe during the early decades of the 20 th century, and many people believed them. That led, at least in part, to the anti-Semitism that brought Adolph Hitler to power. [American] Henry Ford circulated ‘The Protocols ’ in the United States and wrote a book entitled The International Jew, which claimed that Jewish bankers were responsible for World War I and the Bolshevik Revolution.

Henry Ford supported the Nazis, and Hitler acknowledged his support by awarding him [i.e., Henry Ford] the highest German medal available to civilians. The Ford factories in [Nazi] Germany provided trucks, tanks, and [other military] vehicles for Hitler’s armed forces. That would have been logical if Henry Ford really believed that Jewish bankers were responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution, and Hitler opposed them. The problem is that Henry Ford also built a factory complex in [Communist] Russia [i.e., the Soviet Union] to help the faltering Communist economy! Why did Ford promote anti- Semitism in the United States, support Adolph Hitler in [Nazi] Germany, and support the Bolsheviks in [Communist] Russia? ”  

Dr. Stanley Monteith {Brotherhood of Darkness : 2000; Page 62)   ((Ed. Comments to the preceding quote: None of this supposed “inconsistency” is hard to explain. The facts are that the Vatican and the Jesuits were deeply involved in fomenting not only World War I, but also World War II. During World War II the Vatican supported not only Nazi Germany, but also the other Fascist regimes in Europe, such as Mussolini’s Fascist Italy and the Fascist State of Croatia. Roman Catholic Knight of Malta Franz von Papen was one of the key players involved in putting Hitler into power ! On the other side of the European continent, we find a Jesuit-trained monster named Joseph Stalin running the Soviet Union during World War II, with help from his Jesuit-trained friend, Roman Catholic Cardinal Gregory Agagianian. (Both were trained by Jesuits who taught at the seminary in Tiflis, Soviet Georgia.)

Stalin’s top intelligence man was Knight of Malta Prince Anton Turkul, who used Jesuits for his couriers! No wonder banks in the West - especially in the USA - helped finance both Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany and Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union. Thus by controlling both sides in the conflict, the Vatican and the Jesuits were able to exterminate millions of their favorite “targets”: Jews, Orthodox Christians (e.g., in Croatia), and Protestants (in northern Germany). If you would like more information on how the West (especially the USA) financed both Nazi Germany and Communist Russia (i.e., the Soviet Union), then please order Antony Sutton’s books Wall Street and_ the Bolshevik Revolution ($20.95 postpaid), and Wall Street and, the Rise of Hitler ($17.95 postpaid). These two books can be obtained via credit card through “Radio Liberty" by calling 1-800-544-8927.))   “ The Protocols ’ [of the Learned Elders of Zion] were written in French, smuggled into Russia in 1905 where they were translated into Russian, and later transported to Great Britain where Victor Marsden translated them into English. ” - Dr. Stanley Monteith {Brotherhood of Darkness -, 2000; Page 63)                        

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((Ed. Comment to the preceding quote: Eric Jon Phelps, author of the outstanding expose of the Jesuit Order - Vatican Assassins - provided me with the following information: Leo Lehmann, an ex- Roman Catholic priest and author of the book Behind, the Dictators , informs us that the JESUITS were the authors of the infamous ‘‘Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion For more information on the Jesuit Order, please visit Eric Jon Phelps’ website: www.vaticanassassins.org .))   ((Ed. Note: The preceding six quotes by Dr. Stanley Monteith were taken from his excellent book. Brotherhood, of Darkness .

This book is $15.95 postpaid. It deals with secret societies and their influence. To order a copy, please call “Radio Liberty” toll-free at 1-800-544-8927.))   IMPORTANT NOTE ; For the purposes of the remaining sections of this newsletter, when I mention the term “the Jews ”, it is in the context of how a certain segment within both the “patriot movement” and the “alternative media” uses it (and, shall we add, sometimes “misuses” it to include all Jews in the world), i.e., as a “broad-brush label ” lumping together the so-called “Jewish banksters”, Zionists, Jewish Masons, Israel, the Israeli Mossad, B’nai B’rith, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the so- called “Jewish Neo-cons” in the current U.S. Administration, the Jews who are supposedly running almost all of Hollywood and all the major TV networks, etc., as [allegedly! being the key component running the New World Order “Conspiracy”.


Editor of TTT believes strongly that a sizable portion of the so-called “alternative media” has been misguided and duped concerning the “real controllers” behind the New World Order Conspiracy (hereafter referred to simply as “ the Conspiracy ”). Some of the “alternative media” may actually be working for those “real controllers”, trying to get us to focus on “the Jews” and Israel; on the “Mark of the Beast” and other high-tech advances; etc., IN ORDER TO keep most truth-seekers from finding out who those “real controllers” are!   A sizable section of the so-called “patriot community” also appears to have been misguided and duped concerning the “real controllers” behind “the Conspiracy ”.

Some of these groups (including a major segment of the so-called “Christian Identity” movement) concentrate a whole bunch on “ the Jews ” in general, “The Protocols of Zion”, Israel, the Israeli Mossad, the Zionists, the so-called “Jewish Neo-cons” in the current U.S. Administration, Jewish Cabbalists, Jewish Bolsheviks, Jewish banksters, etc. (They love to point out that such-and-such a person is Jewish!)   But is the vast majority of this “anti-Jewish” and “anti-Israel” propaganda instead a massive “smokescreen” to cover for the “real controllers” working “behind the scenes ”? When that certain segment in the “patriot movement” and that certain segment within the “alternative media” both tell us that “the Jews ” are responsible for heading up “ the Conspiracy' , ar$ they deliberately (or, in some Page 11 of 18   cases, in gross ignorance) throwing out a colossal “red herring” to get us off the “scent” of the “real controllers” behind the scenes?                    

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Surely inquiring minds would like to know who these “real controllers” are that foment wars and revolutions, create banking crises, and plan and carry out a host of sinister activities in their quest to enslave the peoples of planet Earth!   As Dr. Stanley Monteith pointed out in one of the earlier listed quotations that was taken from his book Brotherhood of Darkness : “There are many clues” that have been deliberately planted to make the conspiracy appear “Jewish” and “to divert four] attention away from the truth ”. So let us take a look at some of the ways the “real controllers” (who operate “behind the scenes ”) plant their “evidence” (their “clues”) to make the conspiracy appear to be “Jewish”.  


The “real controllers” who operate quite cleverly “ behind the scenes” love to plant “evidence” to make international banking appear to be “Jewish”.   One of their anti-Jewish schemes was the planting of some “evidence” that would lead many individuals to believe that the Jews financed and ran the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. However, from an earlier quote we saw that it was NOT Jewish financier Jacob Schiff who financed the Bolshevik Revolution of October 1917, but rather it was British and [other] American financiers who provided the financial backing for the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.  

Another favorite tactic often used by the “real controllers” is to appoint a prominent Jew to “head” a financial institution while the major stockholders “behind the scenes” are non-Jews. The so-called Federal Reserve often has a Jew appointed as chairman to make it appear that Jews run the financial institutions of the USA. In fact, many of the top financiers in U.S. history have been non -Jews, to include some very powerful Roman Catholic Knights of Malta. ((NOTE: The Knights of Malta is a Roman Catholic religious-military order headquartered in Rome with, and controlled by, the Jesuit Superior General - the “Black Pope”.))   In fact, the Vatican State has some tremendous banking interests, to include its own “Vatican  Bank” ((Ed. Note: One of the reasons for the murder of Pope John Paul I in 1978 was his attempt to remedy the many “irregularities” he had discovered at the Vatican Bank - and his plans to fire the head of that bank!))                    

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Ah, but let us get back to the Knights of Malta. Here is an excerpt from my TTT newsletter entitled “The Real Controllers”, dated: January 13,2006:   “The Hospitallers (later to become the Knights of Malta) were one of three [Roman Catholic] religious-military orders founded in the 12 th century - the other two being the Knights Templar (or, the Templars) and the Teutonic Knights. Concerning the Templars we are told the following by the 1955 World Scope Encyclopedia: ‘The Templars were founded in Jerusalem... The new order was given lodgings near the so-called Temple of Solomon... It was formally confirmed by Pope Honorius II in 1128. ...The order became...the international bankers of their time.

They were the predecessors of the great banking families such as the Medici. ...The Templars were brought down by [King] Philip TV of France, and Pope Clement V. ...The order [i.e., the Knights Templar] was disbanded in 1312, and much of their great wealth was given to the Knights of St John [which later became the Knights of Malta], ’ This is indeed very important to remember - that this Roman Catholic religious - military order, the Knights of Malta, which is co-located with, and controlled by, the Jesuit Superior General in Rome, inherited ‘much ’ of the ‘great wealth ’ of the Knights Templar! ”   Another favorite tactic of the “real controllers” is to throw out the Rothschild family as the major “Jewish” family running international banking. However, we’ve already seen that one of the titles held by the Rothschild family is “Guardians of the Vatican Treasury ”. Isn’t that just a little bit interesting?

And lets not forget what author Gary Allen said: “A Rothschild has much more in common with a Rockefeller than he does with a [Jewish] tailor from Budapest or the Bronx. ”   Here’s what two other authors had to say about the Rothschilds:   “Aware that the Rothschilds are an important Jewish family, I looked them up in [the] Encyclopedia Judaica and discovered that they bear the title ‘Guardians of the Vatican Treasury 9 ... The appointment of Rothschild gave the Black Papacy [i.e., the hierarchy of the Jesuit Order] absolute financial privacy and secrecy. Who would ever search a family of orthodox Jews for the key to the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church? ”  F. Tupper Saussy (.Rulers of Evil , 1999; Page 160)  

“The Rothschilds were Jesuits who used their Jewish background as a facade to cover their sinister activities. The Jesuits, working through Rothschild and [financier Nicholas] Biddle, sought to gain control of the banking system of the United States. ” - Bill Hughes (The Secret Terrorists ', 2002; Page 24)   Indeed, it certainly appears that the Vatican, the Jesuits, and Knights of Malta - and their good friends the Rothschilds (“ Guardians of the Vatican Treasury ”) - control far more of the world’s financial institutions than any other single group on the planet!  

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(October 1917) - The Bolshevik Revolution   Certain segments within the patriot movement and within the “alternative media” love to tell us that Trotsky and many of the top Soviet Communist Party Politburo members were Jews - and then love to tell us their Jewish names. What they seldom mention is that all but one of the top Jews in the Politburo were executed . Trotsky himself was hunted down in Mexico and murdered there. As Dr. Stanley Monteith indicated in an earlier quote: “That’s a poor way to reward Jews if they were the force behind the Bolshevik Revolution. ” Indeed!   Some Jews were also appointed as camp commandants within the Soviet Gulag system.

Again we seem to find a pattern: put some Jews in positions as mid-level or even upper-level managers, and then folks will think that the whole operation (or, conspiracy) is “Jewish”.   Again, if “ the Jews” funded and ran the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, then why in blazes would they kill all but one of the Jews in the Soviet Politburo?   ((Likewise, one could also ask the following questions:   • (1) If “the Jews” orchestrated World War II, then why would Jews be especially targeted for destruction on the European continent?  • (2)

If “ the Jews ” run America’s mainstream media and Hollywood, then why does the pope of Rome get such great press here in the USA? (Pope John Paul II was almost “deified” in the American press - both while alive and during his funeral.)  • (3) If “the Jews ” control so much of the American publishing business, then why don’t they expose the Vatican’s involvement in helping Hitler rise to power; its support to Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Fascist Croatia; helping war criminals escape at the end of WWII via the Vatican Ratlines ; etc.? Yes, and why don’t these “Jews” controlling America’s publishing business massively expose the Jesuit Order, which has a well-documented history of not only fomenting wars and revolutions, but also of being responsible for the killing of large numbers of Jews?))  


The following is an excerpt from my TTT entitled “The Real Controllers”:  

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“The modern version of the Illuminati was formed on May 1, 1776 by Jesuit Adam Weishaupt, who taught [Roman] Catholic Canon La\\> at Jesuit Ingolstadt University in Bavaria (in southern Germany). Weishaupt pretended to leave the Jesuit Order (i.e., he was ‘ sheen dipped '') so that he could set up a front group called the Illuminati (that the Jesuits could use_for their own purposes). This Jesuit front group, the Illuminati, fomented and orchestrated the bloody French Revolution of 1789-1799. Thus, by using this ‘front group’, the Jesuit Order was given a great degree of ‘plausible deniability ’ as to its role in the French Revolutio; ”Yet there is a certain segment within both the patriot movement and the “alternative media” that loves to say that Adam Weishaupt was a “Jew”, thus inferring that the “Illuminati ” must surely have been set up by "the Jews ((More on this topic to follow in the next section.))  


We already noted how Jesuit Adam Weishaupt is portrayed by a number of folks as being a “Jew”. According to Eric Jon Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins, Adam Weishaupt was not a Jew - and this labeling of him as a “Jew” is a fairly recent “invention” (within the past 100 years). Regardless, the facts are that Adam Weishaupt was a Jesuit, and that he taught Roman Catholic Canon Law at Jesuit Ingolstadt University in Bavaria, Germany. Why don’t most of those who point out that Weishaupt was rallegedlvl a “Jew” also point out his Jesuit connections? Why don’t these same individuals also point out that Adam Weishaupt died in the good graces of the Roman Catholic Church?  

I have seen the “Jew” label applied by some folks not only to Weishaupt, but also to Stalin, Hitler, etc. It is indeed quite easy to simply label some monstrous, murdering criminal as being a “Jew” (or “half-Jew”) many years after his death; however, is this being done in most cases simply to throw out a “red herring” to keeps folks from discovering the “real controllers” behind the scenes? For one thing, Jews settled all over Europe, and in spite of prohibitions against marrying Gentiles, such marriages did occur. Thus, many Europeans may have at least some “Jewish blood” in them. Does this make them “Jews”? Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were both practicing Roman Catholics - neither was ever excommunicated! Joseph Stalin was trained by Roman Catholic Jesuits.

Isn’t it more important WHAT an individual practices and really believes , rather than what he was bom? If someone is 5% or 10% or 50% Jewish, but is a practicing Roman Catholic, and believes in Roman Catholicism, and is subservient to the “ White Pope” and/or to the “Black Pope”, then is that person to be considered a “Jew ”7 And might we be getting some colossal LIES when folks repeat such statements saying that such-and-such a person is a “Jew” (or a l A Jew or !4 Jew) when he is not really a Jew in any way, shape, or form?  

Indeed, labeling various monstrous criminals as “Jews” seems to be a favorite tactic of those who really control things from behind the scenes - a tactic used to make the Conspiracy appear “Jewish” when the “real controllers” seem to come primarily from the top levels of secret societies.  such as the Jesuit Order, Knights of Malta, and Freemasonry - and from within the Vatican State itself!  (NOTE: John Daniel, author of the book The Grand Design Exposed , makes an excellent case that the Jesuits control the highest levels of Freemasonry!)                  

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We’ve already pointed out that the “Protocols of Zion”, according to author Leo H. Lehmann, was written by the JESUITS . The “Protocols ”, remember, was a document designed (according to Dr. Stanley Monteith) to make people think “ that Zionists were behind the wars and revolutions of the 19 th century, and planned to seize control of the world. ”   However, author Edmond Paris tells us who the real “experts” are in fomenting wars and revolutions:   “The public is practically unaware of the overwhelming responsibility carried by the Vatican and its Jesuits in the starting of two world wars - a situation which may be explained in part by the gigantic finances, at the disposition of the Vatican and its Jesuits, giving them power in so many spheres, especially since the last conflict. ” (The Secret History of the Jesuits ; Page 9)   Indeed, history quite clearly reveals that the Vatican and the Jesuits fomented both World War I and World War II, just as author Edmond Paris points out in the preceding quotation!  


Are “the Jews ” running the U.S. intelligence community as some would have us believe, or is there a much more powerful group of men (working “ behind the scenes”) who are the “real controllers” of the U.S. intelligence community? An important fact that one does discover if he looks closely behind the “curtain” is that there are many Knights of Malta who have been top men in the Intelligence Community! ((Remember, the Knights of Malta is a Roman Catholic religious-military order under the direct command of the “Black Pope ” - i.e., the Jesuit Superior General.)   During World War II, we find three Knights of_Malta running three top intelligence agencies:              

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William “Wild Bill ” Donovan - The Office of Strategic Services (the OSS - the predecessor to the CIA);  • German General Reinhard Gehlen - German Intelligence on the Eastern Front; and,  • Prince Anton Turkul (who used Jesuits for couriers) - Soviet Intelligence.   Interestingly, at least five directors of the CIA have been Knights of Malta : William “Wild Bill” Donovan, John McCone, William Casey, William Colby, and George Tenet. Additionally, the long-time head of the very powerful CIA Counterintelligence section (and head of the CIA’s Vatican Desk) was a Knight of Malta by name of James Jesus Angleton.

Angleton was also the CIA liaison to the Warren (Whitewash) Commission that “investigated” the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.   Other Knights of Malta have held key positions within the “International Intelligence Community”, such as British Intelligence agent Kim Philby (who also worked for the Soviet KGB [now called the FSB & SVR]).   VIII. SUMMARY   Inspector Poirot (in the movie picture about Agatha Christie’s novel. Murder on the Orient Express) , after surveying the murder crime scene, comments: “There are too many clues. ” As Dr. Stanley Monteith points out in his book Brotherhood, of Darkness. (2000): “Everywhere he [i.e.. Inspector Poirot] looked he found conflicting, evidence, and he suddenly realized that the murder scene had been staged to confuse him. ”   Dear reader, the exact same thing has occurred concerning “the Conspiracy”.

The “real controllers” behind the scenes - the Jesuits, Knights of Malta, high-level Freemasons, and the Vatican State itself - have PLANTED a whole bunch of “clues” to make “the Conspiracy” appear to be “Jewish”. Their purpose has been to confuse us, and in the process conceal their own involvement in numerous sinister activities, such as the fomenting of wars and revolutions. To summarize, they have used the following “tactics”:   •

(1) They form numerous “front” groups and organizations, such as the modem “Illuminati”, so that folks will put the blame for wars, revolutions, etc., on the front group rather than on the “real controllers” behind the scenes. A good example of this occurred in the bloody French Revolution of 1789-1799, where the Jesuit front group, the “Illuminati” , took the blame for what the Jesuits had fomented and orchestrated!  • (2) They “label” various mass murderers, such as Joseph Stalin, as “Jews” (or, !4 Jews) years after the fact. They also “label” those forming the front groups, such as Jesuit Gentile (i.e., NON -Jew! Adam Weishaupt, as “Jews”.                  

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(3) They place Jews in prominent mid-level and high-level management positions, such as head of the Federal Reserve, members of the first Soviet Politburo, camp commandants in the Soviet Gulag system, etc., in order to give “the Conspiracy” a “Jewish flavor”.  • (4) They have their lackeys and dupes within the mainstream media, a certain segment of the “alternative media”, and a certain segment of the so-called “patriot movement” pass along the Conspiracy’s propaganda about “the Jews ” to their listeners and readers. Thus we see these lackeys and dupes often focusing the “spotlight” on “the Jews”, Jewish neo-cons, Jewish Masons, Jewish bankers, Israel, the Mossad, etc., but rarely, if ever, focusing the main “spotlight” where it should be focused - on the Vatican State, the Jesuit Order, the Knights of Malta, etc.  

The “real controllers” behind the scenes have done a very good job of confusing us, and of concealing their own sinister activities. Through their takeover of our education system and American publishing companies, they have erased a whole bunch of history. Very little indeed can be found in American history textbooks and encyclopedias concerning those “real controllers” who operate “behind the scenes ”! So successful have Papal Rome’s revisers of history been, that relatively few Americans are aware of the following facts:   • The Jesuits and the Papacy masterminded the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln in 1865. They even helped one of the conspirators, John Harrison Surratt, to escape first to Canada, and then on to Rome, where he became a member of one of the pontifical Zouaves military units.  •

The Jesuits and the Vatican (and NOT the Jews) fomented both World War I and World War II - and they are responsible for the misery, destruction, and mass murder that resulted!  • The Vatican supported Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, Fascist Croatia, and all the totalitarian, Jew-hating and murdering regimes in Europe during World War II.  • The Vatican helped many of the worst Fascist and Nazi war criminals escape punishment in the aftermath of World War II through their infamous “Vatican Ratlines”.   I could go on and on about the sinister activities of the Vatican and the Jesuit Order - to include the assassination of many heads of State, such as King Henry III of France in 1589; King Henry IV of France in 1610; Czar Alexander I of Russia in 1825; President Abraham Lincoln in 1865; Emperor Komei of Japan in 1868; President Benito Pablo Juarez of Mexico in 1872; Czar Alexander II of Russia in 1881; etc. The Jesuits have truly been true “masters” of assassination !  

Assassinating heads of State, fomenting wars and revolutions, subverting and overthrowing governments, and mass murdering various population groups (such as 600,000 to one million innocent Serb Orthodox Christian men, women, elderly, and children in Fascist Croatia in the 1940s) have been the well-documented “activities” of Papal Rome and the Jesuit Order for centuries ! If the Vatican State, the Jesuit Order, the Knights of Malta, etc., are not massively (and quickly) exposed, then the American Constitutional Republic will fall to their intrigues as have other nations in history.  

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It is certainly worth repeating here a portion of an earlier quote by Dr. Stanley Monteith, host of the Radio Liberty broadcast, concerning “the Conspiracy   “...Some sincere people believe that the Jews, or the Jewish bankers, are behind the world conspiracy. There are many clues that lead people to that conclusion, but I can assure you that the evidence has been planted to divert attention away from the truth . ...Anti-Semitism is a trap that has been baited to lead us away from the trut  

And here is another great quote for us to ponder:   “There are other secret and semi-secret organizations such as the International Bankers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberger Group, [the] Club of Rome, the Trilateral Commission, the New Age Movement, the Illuminati, and Freemasonry, who are all deeply involved in global politics, and who actively promote the uniting of the people of our planet under a New World Order. However...these all are but mere front’ organizations, behind which the true source of power [Ed. Note: Papal Rome and the Jesuit Order] hides and uses to distribute and channel its designs.

And, as in any conspiracy, secrecy and shifting attention and blame away from itself is paramount to its success. ”  John Daniel (The Grand Design Exposed; , 1999; Page 9)   WHAT CAN WE DO?   If you believe this issue of the TTT newsletter contains important information, then please make copies of it and give them away free-of-charge to others.   uWho will rise up for me against the evildoers, or who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?”- Psalm 94:16  

Today, the Jesuits have the last laugh (Brazil)

Jul 26, 2013 by John L. Allen Jr.

RIO DE JANEIRO — At a popular level, the triumphant return of the first Latin American pope is clearly the dominant storyline surrounding Francis's July 22-28 visit to Brazil, in tandem with the church's World Youth Day festivities.

For the more historically minded, however, it's almost as striking that Francis is also the first Jesuit pope, who is returning this week to a country, and a city, that witnessed both one of the order's greatest triumphs and one of its greatest calamities.

The Jesuits were actually the first religious order to conduct missionary work in Brazil, arriving ahead of the Franciscans and Benedictines in the middle of the 16th century. The Jesuits were brought along by the Portuguese colonizers, and initially enjoyed the strong support of the imperial authorities.

The Jesuits quickly built an impressive network of schools and missions, including the famed "Jesuit reductions," where natives gathered into communities that worked to support themselves and shared their earnings equally.

Anyone who's seen the 1986 film "The Mission" knows the basic outlines of the story, and also its unhappy ending -- the Jesuits were eventually expelled, their missions largely destroyed, and their lands and properties transferred to the crown.

The Mission

(The movie was actually set in Paraguay, in territory that was transferred to Portuguese control.)

Historians say one key to the success of the Jesuit missions was their ability to understand the local cultures and languages; some of the first grammars of indigenous languages were produced by Jesuit missionaries.

To be sure, the Jesuits' enterprise was not unambiguously heroic, certainly by the standards of the 21st century. The missionaries may have tried to ameliorate the conditions facing native peoples, but generally didn't object to enslaving them. They uprooted traditional ways of life, and in some cases inadvertently spread infectious diseases against which the natives had no defense.

That said, historians say the Jesuits generally aimed to soften the harsh conditions imposed on the indigenous populations by the crown.

The Jesuit imprint on Brazil is hard to miss, beginning with the fact that the Jesuits participated in the founding of the city Francis is visiting this week, Rio de Janeiro, in 1565.

Today is especially evocative in that regard, as Francis will travel to Rio's Boa Vista Park to hear confessions. The park is set in a magnificent forest that was once the property of the Jesuits, but was stripped from them when the Jesuits were expelled from Brazil in 1754, a prelude to their exile from Portugal in 1759, then France and Spain, and finally the complete suppression of the order under Pope Clement XIV in 1773.

Throughout the early 18th century, tensions had mounted between the colonial authorities in Brazil and the Jesuits on several fronts, and came to head under the Marquês de Pombal, who governed the Portuguese-Brazilian empire in the name of José I. Pombal stacked the deck against the Jesuits and eventually secured a decree kicking them out of the country they had helped to build.

Today, however, the Jesuits definitely have the last laugh. The monarchy represented by the Marquês de Pombal is an artifact of history, but the Jesuits are still around, and one of their own is now pope.

Nobody's actually proposed returning the forest to Francis on behalf of his order this morning, but there's a real sense in which for a few hours, at least, it will once again be in Jesuit hands.

WHO and WHAT is behind it all ? : >

The bottom line is for the people to regain their original, moral principles, which have intentionally been watered out over the past generations by our press, TV, and other media owned by the Illuminati/Bilderberger Group, corrupting our morals by making misbehavior acceptable to our society. Only in this way shall we conquer this oncoming wave of evil.



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