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The Evil of Unmindful Goodness/amp

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The Evil of Unmindful Goodness

The articles in this book provide insight into a Europe on the way to chaos. The EU elite and the globalists promised that the multicultural culture would enrich Europe. What you got was something completely different. Democracy, welfare, unity and security are desolving in front of our eyes.

A 300 page analysis, chronic and insight by the sharpest political pen in Norway, Kent Andersen. ( Available for sale on he Internet)

The elite forgot the most important thing: RIGHT and WRONG

By: Kent Andersen - July 30, 2017, 20:31
(translated from Norwegian - Google)

The picture: The Swedish photographer Gunnar Lundh (1898-1960) captured the spirit of the 30s, 40s and 50s. There was a security in the recognizable. Men were men and women were women. ´Gender roles´ it would be termed today, but it was a society with a natural relationship to nudity and body, and an accomplished relationship between the sexes.

35mm colour depot in the Nordic Museum, Stockholm

In honour of being "good", the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg and her government use millions to pick up Africans from the Mediterranean - people they have helped to lure themselves in, in close cooperation with criminal smugglers. In its multicultural struggle, the European elite removes the security, safety net, money and future of its own voters, to give it to foreigners - claiming that they must do this to remedy the world's distress. Besides, agreements, international law and humanism do not give us any choice: the invasion is a duty ... etc, etc. They have completely forgotten the simple principle common Europeans live for: Right and wrong.

Most people act after a moral compass who has little or nothing about status, money or education to do. One can argue blue for international conventions, political agreements or supremacy, but they do not have the decisive word in the minds of most people. It is people's cultural belonging that determines whether something is right and wrong, and our opinions and actions reflect this. But since cultures are so totally different, there are also huge differences in what is considered right and wrong out there in the world.

We agreed on what is right and wrong

In Europe, it was previously a relative consensus about what is right and wrong. European countries have been culturally linked throughout history, so most Europeans will also understand each other's views right and wrong, and the legislation will reflect this: it's wrong to have more wives. It's wrong to beat women. It's wrong to kick down people. It's wrong to do self-esteem. It's wrong to commit infidelity. It is wrong to interfere with children. It's wrong to steal. It's wrong to attack in a flock. It's wrong to cheat. It's wrong to cheat on the treasure. Do not lie. You should not steal. You should not beg You must honour your father and your mother. And so on ad lib.

Of course, it is not difficult to find fault with this understanding, just as it is easy to find disagreements. Plenty Europeans think it's right to have many sex partners before marriage, while just as many people think it's wrong. There are also plenty of Europeans who break the law and do crazy things - sometimes with the best intentions, or of pure necessity. But it does not really change the common sense or the basic codes for what's right and wrong. A mafia boss breaks the codes for right and wrong - but he knows. He knows he's doing something wrong, and he knows that most citizens think it's wrong. The codes are in place, though morality is not.

Throughout all ages, some poor Europeans have had to steal or break the law to survive, but it does not work properly. Most people who steal out of distress know that they are doing something wrong. Their culture condemns it and that does not make people easy. There are many stories of good people who have a bad conscience the rest of their lives for the wrong things they have done. Stories about anonymous repayment of taxes are a good example. Right and wrong are important for humans, and more importantly for a society to go together.

Multiculti freaks right and wrong

European culture has its characteristics right and wrong, just like all other cultures: Some cultures have theft and scam as an entirely natural element, and nobody is ashamed of it. There are cultures where polygamy is praiseworthy, how to remove girlfriends is quite normal. There are cultures where the sex life of girls is the family and the clan's concern, and where women are dogged if they do not follow proper clothing codes determined by men and male performers, on behalf of men's men. Some think it's perfectly correct to cut the genitals of their daughter while scary people think it's okay to kill people who convert, drive blasphemy or offend a dead prophet. How they live there. And now they live here.

There are cultures where self-esteem and blood eruption are an honour, and intercourse with grandchildren is an obvious thing humans are looking forward to, for a great jubilee from 100 wedding guests. Some cultural forms, it is a duty to kill his sister or daughter if she is angry, and this is a pride in the local community. In some cultures, public executions are right and torture is not so bad, and prisoners of war should be treated with contempt and brutality, while women are free to abuse and rape. What's wrong with that? A little while ago there were even cultures where you ate opponents or torn the heart on them with a stone knife - and that was a sign of cultural supremacy. Everyone cheered! Despite this, the election's prime ministers believe that all cultures are equally worthwhile. Everything is just as good and therefore it is warmly welcome to Norway. Then we become all friends.

They are lying. It is, of course, a fundamental difference in cultures, and they fundamentally create different societies, with fundamentally different attitudes right and wrong. Again, it creates fundamentally different valuation that cannot be mixed, and precisely why it is so dangerous to forge cultures. It has nothing to do with skin colour. The problem is the frontal collision between right and wrong.

No fascination for how people will live

One thing is important to emphasize: There is no "real culture" or "crazy culture" at universality. It's not like we Europeans are always right and everyone else is wrong. There is no "proper" way for humans to live on - it must in the case be like hunters/collectors in territorial tribes on their own reefs, as humans have done for at least 200,000 years before agriculture emerged. (Which forms the framework for my novel "Naked ape" from 2015) This is our evolutionary legacy, and 5000 years of civilization have certainly not managed to eradicate it from tribal football supporters clubs.

The multicultural experiment is intended to strengthen society through diversity. Instead of visiting each other's cultures, they need to be pulled together in the same area, so you can "experience each other". The biggest advantage is often referred to as "lots of new and exciting food". (Had it not been easier to buy a cookbook?) The big disadvantage is the cultural differences, which in turn gives people the desire to cling together with their own because differences do not create community. There are similarities that create community. Nobody wants neighbours who behave wrongly and reprehensible.

This is the biggest problem with the "multicultural" experiment: it creates deep national conflicts, through cultural-based perceptions of right and wrong. It creates a moral chaos - and it is not something that goes by or passes. In fact, something is cemented and reinforced when forced to live together. When Afghan men get rid of white women, they do not understand that this is wrong. She is an unbelieving whore and therefore it is appropriate to put her in place. "Tarrush game is just fun. We have learned that is correct. That's what we do at home. It says in the book. What have we done wrong? "Culture blends life. Those who went crazy for the madness are accomplices.

Right and wrong? Let's pretend it's not there

There is only one way to smooth over these right and wrong collisions that cause people and peoples to dislike each other and create a civil war about the moral unity, which is the heart of society itself: lies and despair. To keep the project "multiculturalism" in progress, one has to overlook these differences, slow down and relativize the problem through expert fields, international agreements and false tolerance. One pushes billions of dollars into "integration measures" while encouraging everyone to protect their culture and to be proud of it so nobody understands what the goal is.

Europeans are forced to agree with their own perceptions of what is right and wrong to prove "tolerance" and "generosity". They have been told a lie that "cultures are equal, and all men want the same" and here the left side and feminists have come to the fore: priesthood, prophets and holy books are no longer opium for the people but something we must protect for everybody price. And honest garments on women and girls have

Europeans are forced to agree with their own perceptions of what is right and wrong to prove "tolerant" and "generous". They have been told a lie that "cultures are equal, and all men want the same" and here the left side and feminists have come to the fore: priesthood, prophets and holy books are no longer opium for the people but something we must protect for everybody price. And honest clothing on women and girls has become right - even though most Europeans think it's completely wrong.

It has become untrue to talk about right and wrong. Everything is as good and everything must be tolerated, understood, understated and accepted. It's all a learning process for us white. We will learn to become tolerant, inclusive, anti-racist and cause, and then we cannot be condemnatory and think something is wrong. It is only that Europeans were tolerant, inclusive, anti-racist and generous before this multicultural madness began. The project 'multiculturalism' was absolutely unnecessary and only makes a change of mind worse: Europeans have had enough. Those who went crazy for the madness are accomplices in it too. It is the left side that creates racism and extremism in Europe now. It was not like that before you started destroying the continent with multiculturalism.

A red press

The left side is strong in Norwegian media, and red relativism has characterized the universities since taking over the power of academics after 1968. But the left-wing's urge to academize everything and all through documentation, sophisticated rhetoric and red wine-induced competition for highest IQ, makes their Politically correct environments water out something as obvious as right and wrong. They have forgotten that this resolution of the obvious does not apply to the rest of the people in society, and as revenge, they have started their own opinion policy that strikes hard on anyone who believes there is pure culture, and the immigrants are wrong. No one will dislike what is happening in Europe!

Being a multi-culture critic on the right side is like being a terrorist in an ongoing whack-a-mole contest - but then came 2015 and the time after. The madness of the project was revealed to all who still can distinguish right and wrong. The culture from abroad starts to be difficult to hide, even for the media. Europeans are tired of being told what they should feel and say by the multiculturalism's anti-democratic opinion polls. The behaviour of the elite, Islam and the "refugees" simply does not match the glamour that the old media sells, and all this revives a good old stomach feeling in Europeans: right and wrong. That's how it's Brexit off.

«The expectation of the lower moral»

In the essay of "The Tyranny of Botany" from 2008, French philosopher Pascal Bruckner said that not unpunished suits all generations for self-whipping. Bruckner believes that Europeans have stood on the side of history by assuming responsibility for the whole world's suffering while cultivating an airlock to create a new kind of civilization based on human rights, a welfare state, dialogue and openness. The result is a Europe without faith in its own culture and history. One believes in the framework, but not on the artwork.

Europe will not let go of merciless religious and traditional criticism by its own clergy and reactionary - that criticism is after all the turning point of the whole enlightenment of thought. However, Islam cannot be treated equally with Christianity. Islam needs special treatment, and in truth: Islam and Muslims demand special treatment. Very few dare to criticize Islam as effortlessly as Christianity, (Not surprisingly, since it is always unpleasant but can also be fatal), and this "degging" causes Islam and Muslims to be exposed to a phenomenon called "the lower moral expectation ".

The phenomenon of "lower moral expectation" was first mentioned by anthropologist Robert Redfield. It implies a stagnant understanding that "primitive people" cannot be imposed on modern concepts such as democracy and freedom of speech because they "do not know better". This a giant worship service against immigrants, and contributes greatly to alienation, because they do not undermine the same expectations and demands as other citizens. This is basically apartheid, and of course, it finds Europeans both provocative and unacceptable.

It is not easy to be poor Europeans who try to make ends meet, but it will not be easier when the neighbours from abroad have received both apartment and furniture for free - for the tax increase that hit you. Such discrimination is a virtue for Europe's "anti-racists". They do not realize that they are the real racists, and even worse: the policy they represent is a generator of racism among Europeans. The idea is to do something morally correct, but you end up making some terrible mistakes. Unfortunately, the "anti-racists" elite, the press or the progressive is not able to understand this mindset. All the complacent kindness creates too much white noise in the head.

People have had enough

For a while, the elite and these racist "anti-racists" almost succeeded in raising the voters in their image: Nasty moralism, compassion, and shine were sold together with merciless hatred and branding of all opposers. They still do so, except for now they have a new message: They claim all opposition has become useless and the battle for Europe's future is over: Nothing can stop the multicultural nightmare paradise now, so shut up and get on with the program, "or you're an angry, old white man. (As if you can do something or do something about it?)

Based on this new development, mass immigration continues on the commanders' command. They send ferries to Libya to pick up Africans they have even lured into the sea by promises of free housing and cash. We have no choice! We are compelled by international law and rules. It will be so incredibly complicated to do something else. International agreements require it.

It's bullshit and freaking out. Ferry traffic in the Mediterranean is just wrong. Mass immigration is just wrong. Islamization is just wrong. That's how easy it is, and more and more Europeans are looking forward to it. They are little of discussing everything in the ring. There is nothing to discuss anymore. It is wrong. OK? Are you slow in your head? It is wrong.

Much is wrong, no matter what they say

It's wrong when asylum seekers lose ID papers but are careful to take care of their smartphone. It is wrong that "refugees" travel home on holiday after receiving asylum. Muslims who take over districts and remove women from the sidewalks are just wrong. Abrasive accents and approximations are wrong in every way. Hijab and niqab are wrong, so dangerous are not really European men. (Hijab is actually an insult to us good men. Hijab on little girls is even worse.)

Circumcision is wrong because you do not loose healthy babies with knives here in Europe. It's not our way. Koran schools are wrong because children and youth should learn knowledge, not superstition. To destabilize gender distribution in a country like Sweden is terribly wrong. To lure poor people out at sea with the lottery prize "stay" is wrong. Collaborating with human traffickers is wrong. Giving welfare to foreigners at the expense of their own citizens is wrong. Requiring people to be alike is completely wrong. Bikini is right, and burkini is wrong - and no, we do not bother discussing it anymore. If we have to explain why it is wrong, then you will never understand it and then you're not one of us. What culture do you really belong to? Do you have any belonging? Do you belong to any culture? Do not you see the difference right and wrong anymore? Poor you.

The elite, media, left and liberals cry out of Disneyland's dream castle that we have no choice but it's also wrong: it's wrong to lift border controls. It is wrong to give sexual predators free access to blondes. It's wrong to destroy the asylum institute. It is wrong that the dictatorship of Saudi Arabia gets colonized Western democracy through building mosques. It is wrong that special interests dictate the agenda of the majority. And it is completely wrong that Europe has a responsibility for Arab countries, Africa and the whole world. We have never had that. Europe is only responsible for Europe.

Europeans know the difference between right and wrong in themselves. The roots of culture tell them it. The needle of the European moral compass has loosened from the multicultural monolithic magnetic field, and now the compass resembles. I hope.

The multicultural do not even know the difference between wrong and madness

Everything has been solved in a soup of expert fields, research, international swarms, overpower, supranationalism, moralism, agreements, asylum bureaucracy, EU compulsion, goodness competition, misunderstood bad conscience, and even worse policies from pillage politicians. God, so complicated they have done absolutely everything! But really it's not complicated at all. Blow away your smokescreen, and you'll be right and wrong again. It's time for a mutiny.

Right and wrong are not complicated. No experts need to explain it. No university degree needed to understand it, and no expert group inquiries are required. You do not need religion either too much of religion, and much about atheism is right. You do not even need to justify or explain your attitude to anyone. It's just saying that this is your perception of right and wrong and it makes people feel pretty respectable.

There is nothing wrong in your opinion that your culture is better than others. It does mean most people, no matter where they come from. Deep inside you, you know the difference between right and wrong, and much of what is happening in Europe is now completely wrong for Europeans.

By Kent Andersen

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