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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Time to Make the Best Brexit a Certainty

What an end to the Easter holiday. As you are no doubt aware, on Tuesday Prime Minister Theresa May took the political world by surprise and declared a snap General Election, to be held on June 8th. This is a golden opportunity for the Great British Public to give Brexit their stamp of approval once again. We can dispel – once and for all – any idea the British people regret the ‘Leave’ vote on June 23rd last year, or any suggestion we want the half-hearted, diluted ‘Brexit’ proposed by many in the Labour Party.

However, the election also means many pro-Brexit MPs will be bowing out of Parliament. Among those who have announced they will not be standing in June are Gisela Stuart, Douglas Carswell, and Sir Gerald Howarth. We would like to take this opportunity to thank these MPs for their service to the Brexit cause, and wish them well for the future. Their contributions in the House of Commons will be missed.

Some of those who want to thwart the will of the people are excited about the snap election, with the Liberal Democrats hoping to make significant gains, by taking an extreme pro-EU stance. Gina Miller, whose court cases forced the Government to seek Parliamentary approval for Article 50, is founding a new campaign to encourage hard-line Remainers to vote tactically in order to maximise the Remoaner presence in the next Parliament. Therefore, Eurosceptics must not get complacent. Get Britain Out will be active as usual throughout the next seven weeks to make sure the likes of Tim Farron, the current Leader of the Liberal Democrats, and Gina Miller are defeated in their desperate attempts to block Brexit.

In other news, Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the United States’ House of Representatives and a senior Republican, visited the United Kingdom this week. He expressed his support for a mutually-beneficial deal between the UK and EU, while also saying President Donald Trump’s administration is looking forward to striking a UK-US free-trade deal “as soon as possible”. Yet more good news for Brexit Britain, confounding the scaremongers who insisted nobody would be interested in free trade with a Britain outside the EU.

Another foreign dignitary struck a different tone. Antonio Tajani, President of the European Parliament, also visited the UK this week, and claimed he would happily take the UK back if it were to decide to stay in the EU after all. With Article 50 talks set to get into full swing after the General Election, Tajani should take a leaf out of Paul Ryan’s book. He should stop re-fighting the EU Referendum campaign, and focus on the opportunities a good Brexit deal will bring for Britain and the EU alike. The Great British Public are serious about Brexit, and the sooner Tajani realises this, the better.

On March 25th, the EU celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome. But are they right to do so at a time when Britain is leaving the EU? Euroscepticism is on the rise across Europe. The Eurozone and Schengen are failing - and Jean-Claude Juncker is engaged in increasingly desperate attempts to save the bloc. As we argued on BrexitCentral EU leaders shouldn’t be celebrating this, they should be burying it and building a new Europe of free-trading sovereign nation states. The Treaty of Rome set the EU up on the wrong premise. A premise to move Europe towards a federation – a federation which nobody wanted. It is time to reflect on the Treaty of Rome – and confine it to the history books. (The EU Needs a Rethink on its 60th Birthday)

Writing in the wake of the Article 50 notice, Conservative blogger Robert Barnes penned an exclusive article for us, calling for the country to unite behind Brexit. The opportunities Brexit can bring us are endless – just ask our fishermen – and ‘Project Fear’ has been well and truly discredited. It is time hard-line Remainers, like those on the ‘March for Europe’, realise we knew what we were voting for on June 23rd last year, and accept we are serious about Brexit. (Independence Day – It’s time for Britain to back Brexit)

Robert wrote another exclusive article for us about Richard Branson and Gina Miller’s anti-Brexit agenda. These Remoaners are using their wealth to try to thwart the will of the people, with Miller assembling a team of Europhile campaigners in a desperate attempt to pressure the Government into a watered-down ‘soft’ Brexit. The Government must reject these efforts, uphold democracy, and continue to speak for the whole country on Brexit. (The people have spoken – Gina Miller does not speak for the Great British Public)

Jean-Claude Juncker unveiled a raft of proposals for EU ‘reform’ – but something was missing. ‘Ambitious ideas’ for the Eurozone which had been promised by Economy Commissioner Pierre Moscovici were nowhere to be found. It later transpired the ideas for the single currency would be published in late May – conveniently after the French and Dutch elections. As we argued on Comment Central, this is yet another case of the EU burying controversial plans until a point when voters are unable to have their say on them. This contempt for European voters will surely backfire. (The Commission’s contempt for voters)

Our Campaign Director, Jayne Adye, was quoted in an article for the Daily Express, about how Britain would be paying £26 billion in EU membership fees before we actually leave the EU. She commented: “For years, the UK has been paying vast sums of money into the EU. It is about time this ends. The EU shouldn’t be given a penny more than is absolutely necessary. It’s been estimated our contributions to the EU have cost British taxpayers over half a trillion pounds since 1973, and I think this is enough.”

Jayne was also quoted in another Daily Express article, about the growing divisions among the remaining EU Member States. While Eurocrats in Brussels insist everyone is united, various regional blocs – including a group of Southern European countries, and Central Europe’s Visegrád Group – are flexing their muscles. Jayne commented: “It has been clear for some time the EU is divided about almost everything. Divided about the Euro, divided about the EU’s direction of travel and divided about immigration. Some want more EU, most want less, and Britain wants no EU at all.”

Remainers denounced the Prime Minister after the triggering of Article 50 for supposedly ‘threatening’ the EU over defence and security co-operation in the event of there being no Brexit deal. This is, however, a simple statement of fact – it’s not wrong for the Prime Minister to point out to the EU how no deal would affect them. However, as we argued on The Commentator, defence is a key reason why pessimism about whether we’ll get a deal is unjustified. As a recent defence agreement between the UK and Germany demonstrates, this is an issue where our EU allies really need our co-operation. (Europe needs our co-operation on defence)

This week, Jayne also wrote an article arguing 2 more years in the EU is long enough. We should therefore reject any move to a transitional period which would keep the UK’s borders open until 2022. Last year, the Great British Public were clear – they wanted control over their borders. They didn’t vote to keep the status quo, they called for an immediate change. A reduction in the number of people coming to the UK, and control over those who can come. (2 More Years in the EU is Long Enough)

Last week, we wrote for Conservative Home, setting out why Plaid Cymru can no longer claim to be the party of Wales. They voted against Article 50 and are pushing for a watered-down ‘soft’ Brexit, even suggesting they might advocate the SNP’s Remainer version of independence. What makes the Welsh nationalists’ argument weak is its misleading nature. It is premised upon Wales voting to remain in the EU – something which didn’t happen. Wales voted 52.5% to 47.5% to leave the EU – i.e. Wales voted to get Britain out of the EU. This is exactly what they will get – whether Plaid Cymru like it or not. (Plaid Cymru is seeking to subvert the wish of the Welsh people for Brexit)

Jayne was also quoted this week in EU Today and The Parliament Magazine about former Belgian Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo’s claim he was glad to see the UK leave the EU. Di Rupo had also bemoaned how David Cameron never mentioned the word ‘Europe’ during EU summits. Jayne commented: “Like Mr Di Rupo, we’re also glad the UK is leaving the EU. Mr Di Rupo is clearly aware of the gulf in thinking between EU elites like himself and the British public. We do not want any part in Di Rupo and others’ vision of a highly-integrated ‘Europe’. We want to take back control of our laws, our money, and our borders.”

Recently, it was revealed controversial child benefits will continue to be paid after Brexit to families of EU migrants who don’t even live in Britain - at huge cost to the British taxpayer. In The Commentator, Jayne argued, when we finally leave the EU, the absurd situation where money is immediately funnelled to new migrants and families who do not live here should end. The UK should have one rule for all migrants, whenever they came here previously, and wherever they come from. As long as they have contributed for a significant period of time, then they should be allowed to claim benefits. But not for children who don’t live here. This is an abuse of British kindness – nothing more, nothing less. We must stop the abuse immediately, and require migrants currently living here to be subjected to the same rules. This would be fair and ensure Britain is not taken for a ride any longer. Brexit must mean no more benefit tourism. (Brexit must mean no more benefit tourism)

Jayne also wrote an article today for Comment Central arguing that the forthcoming General Election offers an opportunity for the Great British Public to further strengthen the Government’s mandate for delivering a hard Brexit. To ensure the Referendum result is respected – remember, 17.4 million members of the public voted ‘Leave’ – we must make sure we all vote for a party which wholeheartedly supports Brexit. Don’t allow Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the SNP, Plaid Cymru or the Greens to destroy the democratic decision of the people on June 23rd last year. (Election Chance to Strengthen Brexit Mandate)

That’s it for this e-Bulletin – remember – ONWARDS AND OUTWARDS!

Have a great weekend.

Best wishes,

Jayne Adye, Campaign Director, and the Team at Get Britain Out

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